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Leading Devices

Sophisticatedly simple.

Your employee wellness program should be easy to use and relevant (and fun!) for all. We integrate the market’s leading activity-tracking devices into the market’s leading engagement platform – making it easy for you to make it easy for them to get (and stay) fit…

Automated and validated.

Your days of adding steps on spreadsheets and tracking self-reported wellness activities on paper are (hopefully) long behind you. Today's corporate-wellness scene is all about automation and validation – making it easy and fun for employees to participate, relieving the resource burden that's been placed on HR and Benefits teams, and delivering the data you need to track results. Your wellness crew is likely small (especially you mighty teams of one!), and has too much on its plate to manage a full-bodied wellness program. Let US automate your program so YOU don't have to worry about it!

Deep, rich data – no matter the device.

Activity trackers are EVERYWHERE. Fitbits, Jawbones, Garmins, and more – all with similar-yet-slightly-different functionality, and all typically integrated into the top worksite wellness programs. Sounds fancy (and it kind of is), but the reality is anyone can integrate an activity-tracking device into an employee walking program. We've been doing it since 2008, and we continue to dream up ways to make the experience more seamless and stimulating for our members. But as a leading health-tech company, it's what we do with the data – regardless of the device – that gets employees to improve their health habits together (and consistently keeps them coming back for more).

If bare-bones stats and one-dimensional wellness challenges are all you're after, Sonic Boom may not be your ideal fit. But if you want deep, rich data with stimulating charts, live leaderboards, extensive reporting, and access to a customizable collection of crazy-cool contests and challenges – you should give us a call to learn more.

More than one-time walkers.

Short-term walking programs are a solid place to start, but sustained engagement in health-habit improvement requires SO much more than that. That’s why we also integrate validated activity data into the widest variety of custom challenges in Joust.

And just in case you skipped over the last section, lots of other wellness programs use similar devices to help track employee activity – but they merely show weekly stats within simplistic short-term contests. Talk about boring. We're the most experienced contest creators with the most advanced, proprietary accuracy algorithms – leveling the playing field while engaging employees in long-term health-habit improvement.

Proprietary devices (optional).

Yup – we integrate the market’s leading wearables. But we've got our own awesome devices too...


  • Activity tracker with smartwatch features
  • Removable touchscreen (Hip Clip and spare bands available)
  • Vibrating alerts/messages, with Coaching to the Wrist™
  • Offloads to Sonic Boom mobile app on your compatible smartphone / tablet
  • Sleep tracker
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