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We’ll freely admit that we’re not the lowest-priced game in town. That’s because improving daily health habits is a complicated, high-intensity game. The very thought of offering bottom-basement prices by having to compromise all the high-tech, outside-the-box, built-from-scratch programs we’ve engineered, makes us shudder. So, we don’t compromise. Every dollar you invest will go toward our unyielding effort to deliver the greatest percentage engagement, and more importantly, the greatest amount of health-habit improvement, in the corporate wellness industry.

Sonic Boom charges simple pricing based on three components:

  1. Per-eligible-per-month fee based on total head count
  2. Incentives (optional)
  3. Activity-tracking devices (optional – one per participant)

We prefer to hand-craft custom proposals for each prospective client. Please hit us up. We’ll get back to you like lightning.

Why do you charge per-eligible-per-month?

We charge per-eligible-employee-per-month fees based on the size of your organization, rather than per-participant fees, because our global participation averages over 60%. We’ve fine-tuned our model to maximize your cost-per-participant since our engagement levels are so consistently high. Plus, since our hardware is deployed only to active participants and incentives are only billed as people earn them, you save money since only those engaged take possession of devices or earn incentives.

Bonus: Since hardware is charged as a one-time fee per participant, the cost of Sonic Boom Wellness in year two is substantially less than in year one.

Please compare our pricing to other programs that might get you 5%-10% participation yet still charge you for everyone.

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