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Welcome to our bombastic boast-o-rama! Well, it’s not bragging so much as spelling out our differences. After all, you have lots of choices out there! The corporate wellness market has been flooded with newbie companies, all copy-catting each other while trying to claim authenticity. You can’t fake it, though. Since day one, we’ve stood for something raw and original, something pure that can’t be imitated.

You see, we are one of the only pure-play health optimization companies out there. We aren’t a health plan trying desperately to prove that we can do wellness, too. We’re not a disease management company in disguise, nor are we a multi-billion dollar conglomerate from overseas trying to put our hands in the American pie. We are pure-bred lovers of health improvement. It’s in our DNA. We won’t compromise and won’t ever pretend to be something we’re not.

The most common reaction we hear after giving a sales presentation is, “You are so different than anything we’ve seen.” Music to our ears…

Strutting our stuff

Massive engagement (sans bribes)

We average 60% nationwide engagement, minus the bribes. Most companies are jazzed to get 10%, and most companies count a single log-in or an introductory coaching call as engagement. Phooey. Wellness engagement, to us, can only mean one thing – practicing healthy habits over and over again.

Off-the-charts physical activity

Many of our clients are shocked and delighted when their employees more than triple national activity levels. We post the real-time physical activity stats of our entire membership right on our homepage. Stats are 100% validated, all day, every day, by leading activity-tracking devices (including our proprietary Boomerang-Plus and other popular wearables like Fitbit, Garmin, and Jawbone).

More than “just” physical activity

Yep – our contests are killer. But we deliver the widest variety of holistic wellness activities and challenges on the market – covering physical activity, nutrition, stress, resilience, mental and financial health, and more. And we integrate it all within a customizable, comprehensive wellness hub.

Raving fans

92% of Sonic Boom members would recommend the program to a family member or friend. Check out the energetic enthusiasm of our members on our Facebook page.

Real ROI

One of the nation’s largest health plans offered rate caps for a group of Sonic Boom clients that banded together to improve their employees’ collective health. If a certain percentage of employees met a stringent, annual physical activity goal (100% validated by devices), then rates for the fully-insured employer pool would be guaranteed to increase by no more than 6% (trend was 12% in that particular state). For three years in a row, our clients met the activity goal and earned a 50% discount relative to trend.

Other clients have achieved zero-trend for multiple years running, completely leveling out their healthcare expenses. And one rock-star employer has actually decreased its year-over-year healthcare spending. And that’s not even touching on productivity gains, cultural benefits, and other key metrics in wellness ROI. Still not convinced? Give us a call to learn why healthier employees = happier employees (and more productive ones at that).

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