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Supersonic Implementation

Before you decide to blast off, let’s make sure you’re suited for the ride. We have a check list that ensures mutual delight:

  1. Be prepared to put into it what you expect to get out of it. Our program rocks, but it will flop if not communicated, evangelized, or if employees aren’t explicitly encouraged to participate at work (and given permission to have fun!).
  2. No Grumpus Umpuses! A grumpus umpus is a client that oozes pessimism, is abrasive, or says things like, “That won’t work” or “Our employees would never do that.”
  3. Show us that you’re truly passionate about, and committed to, employee vigor and health improvement. This requires a financial commitment, a commitment of energy, and a commitment of time.

So, you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and move forward with Sonic Boom… Now what?!?

Enrollment couldn’t be faster or easier. We are, after all, Sonic Boom! That said, the more complex your organization, or the more elaborate your vision, the longer it will take to launch a stellar program. However, we’ve implemented new clients at warp speed, in as little as 2 days (not ideal, mind you). We’ll need a few things from you first, and then the real fun begins. For starters, we’ll need:

  1. Signed Group Enrollment Form
  2. Binder check for estimated first month’s fees
  3. Eligibility file of all employees (easy formatting)

Reporting - over 20 real-time reports

From there, we’ll work with you consultatively and impart as much of our experience as you wish. Mainly, we’ll listen and try to turn your visions into reality. As good as our program may be, it’s only as good as the people installing it, communicating it, promoting it, and leading by example.

Let’s roll!

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