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Mission Control

Location: Sonic Boom Intergalactic Headquarters (Carlsbad, CA)

We’re not your typical wellness company. We’ve gamified wellness, and we promote the fact that “Wacky Wellness Works.” It sure does. Sonic Boom is booming, and we need a leader to join us for the ride. Not only is our program unique and somewhat contrarian, but we’re known for our impeccable commitment to Total Client Happiness (TCH). You’ll be managing our stellar crew of Mission Control Specialists and Account Managers, but that’s just the start. This job has the highest of expectations and responsibility…and upside potential.

Core Responsibilities

  • Manage the Mission Control Team (Account Managers (AMs), MC Specialists)
  • Maximize client retention and client/member satisfaction
  • Have detailed knowledge of every account, including implementations, proactive activities, accounts in jeopardy, etc.
  • Serve as highest-level client support for thorniest issues
  • Occasional in-person kick-offs presentations for employees of largest clients (audiences of up to several hundred) (we’re not sure this position will do this yet, but it might)
  • Liason between sales team and Mission Control team
  • Have a thorough understanding of our systems and modules, and be able to clearly communicate user and admin portals to clients and members
  • Thoroughly understand SBW’s somewhat irreverent positions on Health Risk Assessments, incentives, biometrics and all “Shocking Truths of wellness” and be able to articulate and defend them
  • Create and teach AMs to create proactive promotions and tools to energize the program
  • Work to improve processes/procedures for Mission Control
  • Practice impeccable writing skills, not only using proper grammar and spelling, but being able to ride our fine line between professional and playful
  • Help create marketing pieces for clients, as well as for Sonic Boom
  • Be main point of contact internally to represent Mission Control to Operations, Sales, Marketing, and Development
  • Other stuff (sorry to sound vague; we’re a small company – we do it all!)

Required Skills

  • Thoroughly understand employee benefits (premiums, HRAs, HSAs, plan design), different types of incentives, pros and cons of each, and be able to make recommendations to clients
  • 2-5 years managing a team of high-performing Account Managers
  • Ability to juggle a bazillion balls in the air
  • Intimate knowledge of employee benefits industry from an employer’s perspective
  • Demonstrate knowledge of client and broker/consultant roles and the ability to speak intelligently to the highest level consultants about complicated, sensitive issues
  • TCH: Master the art of making clients feel #1 no matter what is thrown at you
  • Boundless energy, imperturbable demeanor
  • The desire to look up words you don’t know (like imperturbable)
  • Project management wizardry
  • Great oratory skills (in front of groups of over 100)
  • CREATIVITY! Think outside the box
  • Must understand industry vendors and competitors and how they intersect/overlap/compete with Sonic Boom Wellness and the roles each vendor plays within each client’s benefits portfolio.
  • You have to be a fun person (come on! Our company is called Sonic Boom!)
  • Impeccable grammar (written and verbal) – our standards are sky high!
  • Details, details, details
  • Start-up, fast-moving entrepreneurial mentality (if you’re a slow-boat-big-company corporate type, you won’t like it here)

The Vibe

Take a look at our website ( Need we say more? We have about 20 people now and we're rapidly growing, so this is truly a ground-floor opportunity for someone who wants to grow with a super successful (and FUN!) company.

To apply, tell us what makes you tick and why you'll be an "A" player on our team. Please refrain from sending a "Dear Hiring Manager" cover letter. We're not looking for the "Dear Hiring Manager" types. We're wacky,and culture means everything to us – we need people who think outside the box and aren't afraid to dive in. Tell us how and why you're different from other applicants, and how your unique skills directly relate to the position. Give us a sense of who you are and what aspirations you have. Please also use spell check – if your resume and/or cover letter are loaded with typos and grammatical mistakes, we'll have to pass.

P.S. Please also send a resume. If your intro email is good, we'll open your resume (but we'll pay more attention to your intro email).

Unfortunately, due to the number of responses we receive, we cannot respond to every applicant. We will respond via email if we are interested.