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Sonic Striding

If you’re the uncompromising sort, laser-focused on getting employees off their cabooses and improving their daily activity levels, Sonic Striding is your kind of wellness program. First, we equip employees with state-of-the-art activity trackers and set ‘em up with a series of personal wellness goals. Then we introduce battle-tested competitions and stimulating wellness challenges, motivating even the most obstinate naysayers and typical sideline-sitters. Bringing it all together is our custom-tailored engagement software – making exercise feel like a game.

For companies seeking the most high-tech, convenient, and sustainable physical activity program on the market, Sonic Striding is here to rescue you from run-of-the-mill employee walking programs…

How it works

Activity tracker wirelessly transmits ALL of an employee’s activity data.
Activity data is received by our servers – via compatible smartphone/tablet or a wireless receiver installed at work.
Data is automatically uploaded to employee’s personal and private Sonic Boom portal – for daily tracking and contest participation.

Our devices

Sonic Striding is WAY more about the software than the device – but the devices are pretty cool, too (and the data has to come from somewhere!). Activity trackers vary by features and price, and different devices are better for different types of users. That’s why we provide a variety of device choices – all within the same stimulating system:

  • Boomerang-Plus: activity-tracking smartwatch with removable touchscreen for your most high-tech people.
  • BYOD: Fitbit, Garmin, Jawbone … if you want to let employees use these (or other leading consumer devices), we integrate all of the data and provide the same rich Striding experience to all.

Interested in activity trackers?

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One receiver for multiple devices

Most devices offload directly to employees’ smartphones/tablets... For those who don’t have compatible smartphones, only ONE receiver is needed to track everyone’s stats in each location. Whether it’s a SonicBeacon, BoomBox, or SyncPoint (or even a Fitbit wireless dongle) – one receiver is able to offload multiple devices’ data simultaneously.

Crazy-cool competitions

Sounds stellar so far? It gets even better. You, as the administrator, have full control of setting up wickedly engaging wellness competitions that keep employees excited about the program (and attract new ones to join). Men vs. women, young vs. not-quite-so-young, location vs. location, department vs. department, management vs. warehouse … whatever fits your unique company culture and wellness goals, we’ve got you covered. Participants form teams, come up with battle slogans, and track each other’s progress on real-time leaderboards – it’s social accountability at its finest. And do we see a little trash-talkin’ from time to time? Absolutely!

Call us your “Contest Consultants”

Since we were a pioneer in the whole automated-wellness-challenge arena, we’ve learned a thing or two about setting up engaging contests. You may be wondering, “How long should my contest be?” “How many members should be on each team?” “How do we choose teams?” “What should our prizes be?” “What metric should we use?” Not to worry – we can answer all of these questions, and more, based on thousands of real-world experiences over nearly a decade of wellness program administration.

Validation, validation, validation (…did we say “validation”?)

Our clients don’t take this employee-activity thing lightly. They know self-reporting stinks. They’re serious about increasing employee physical activity, and they want it tracked accurately, conveniently, and consistently – with gobs of real-time data at their fingertips for reporting and continuous improvement. Check on all counts.

Most employees dive into other areas of our program as well (see Challenge-of-the-Day, Joust, Caught Ya Bein’ Healthy, and more). But Sonic Striding is so insanely convenient that the majority of employees wear their devices and participate in wellness daily, nights and weekends included. Since all of the data is stored and uploaded wirelessly, there are no lags and no gaps in data. Takeaway: The more barriers you knock down for participants, the greater their sustained engagement in healthy activities.

Rubber: meet road

Since we have all this high-tech validation and convenience at our disposal, most of our clients use our automated system to link physical activity levels to meaningful incentives. At any interval they choose, clients can set up daily and long-term physical activity goals. When employees excel, awards are doled out. For the most forward-thinking clients of the bunch, health care premium differentials are tied to aggressive long-term physical activity goals (since physical activity is the quickest, most demonstrable way to boost productivity and improve health).

Games galore

Exercise doesn't feel like exercise when it's fun – and we offer a gamut of games to keep it feeling fun and stimulating for the long-haul. Whether it's employees setting up their own physical-activity Jousts (validated contests based on anything they can dream up), to seeing how fast they can fill up a football field with their footprints, we inspire our members to act a bit like kids again and get fit in the process.

Pre-negotiated ROI

We’ve helped a lot of clients achieve measurable wellness ROI – through year-over-year decreases in healthcare spending, reductions in sick days, claims reductions, biometric improvements, and more. We’ve even facilitated a long-term instance whereby a wise, national health plan (who shall remain nameless) put rate caps in place for a coalition of employers using Sonic Striding. If a certain percentage of employees met the long-term physical activity goal, health care premiums for the entire pool would be capped at a lower-than-market-trend percentage. For three years running, more than 70% of employees have achieved the annual physical-activity goal, qualifying the pool for a rate increase of just 6%, which is approximately 50% less than the annual trend in that region.

Ultimate Fitness Challenge™

Every year in October, we host the Battle Royale of all physical activity contests. It’s a head-to-head wellness competition that pits all Sonic Boom clients against each other to see which company has the most active employees. All contestants wear their activity trackers every day – and the contest is based on averages, ensuring a level playing field with 100% validated, accurate activity logging.

Suffice to say, it gets fierce and fabulous. Employee activity levels shoot to the moon. It’s not uncommon to see millions of steps within the first couple of weeks.

Past winners

The winner of 2010’s Ultimate Fitness Challenge was Erickson-Hall Construction, with an average of 198 minutes of daily activity (that’s more than 3 hours per day, 7 days per week, for nearly 6 straight weeks, for all contestants at their company!).

The individual winner in 2010 was Jim from Wawa – he logged 1,347, 680 validated steps on his SonicPed in less than 6 weeks!

Super Store Industries dominated 2011’s UFC from day one (they even had try-outs to qualify their employees!). They smashed all comers, winning the company vs. company contest with a daily average of over 15,000 steps and an average of 309 minutes of daily activity.

Even more impressive was Randy Beahm of SSI, who walked away with the individual prize by a winning margin of 16%. Randy logged just shy of an astounding 2,000,000 steps in just four weeks, which equated to nearly 12 hours of daily activity EVERY DAY for a month! He’s totally legit and we’ll gladly tell you his routine – he’s a true champion and his personal success story will blow you away.

CHARITABLE DONATION: In honor of SSI, Sonic Boom donated $1,000 to the charity of its choice. SSI chose “Hope for the Warriors” as the recipient of the $1,000 Sonic Boom UFC prize money, and SSI was ultra-generous in agreeing to match the $1,000 Sonic Boom donation!

The mission of Hope For The Warriors® is to enhance the quality of life for U.S. service members and their families nationwide who have been adversely affected by injuries or death in the line of duty. Hope For The Warriors® actively seeks to ensure that the sacrifices of wounded and fallen warriors and their families are never forgotten nor their needs unmet. What a great cause!

Another year, another win for Super Store Industries (SSI) – who clinched back-to-back Ultimate Fitness Championship titles with an utterly dominant performance! SSI employees averaged an unreal 8,153 minutes of total activity – nearly twice as much as second-place Deublin Company – netting an unbelievable daily average of 263 minutes. That’s more than 4 hours per day!

Once again, SSI sent Sonic Boom’s $1,000 charitable donation to “Hope for the Warriors” … and once again, they matched it!

Despite an unprecedented level of competition, SSI snagged top honors for the third year in a row! After accruing nearly 13 million steps and 240,000 total activity minutes, it was a convincing victory for SSI – who once again sent (and matched) Sonic Boom’s $1,000 charitable donation to Hope for the Warriors.

Second-place honors went to SSI’s Waukegan-based rivals, Deublin Company, and the “Most Improved” award went to Tustin-based Toshiba American Medical Systems (TAMS). Deublin donated its $500 prize to Beacon Place, while TAMS donated its $250 prize to the Orange County Rescue Mission. We’re proud to make a difference in not only our members’ lives – but in our clients’ local communities as well!

With an ever-increasing pool of participants, we’ve officially split the competition into three divisions – Heavyweight, Welterweight, and Bantamweight. Dethroning SSI for the first time in three years, Deublin Company took first-place honors in the Heavyweight division with an outstanding average of 6,997 minutes of total activity (nearly 4 hours per person per day!). Colorado Springs School District 11 (D11) came in first for the Welterweight class, with a total average of 3,741 minutes. The Bantamweight division was dominated by White Construction Group, with a total average of 3,805 minutes.

Sonic Boom upped the ante in 2014 – making $1,000 donations to each winner’s charity of choice. Deublin selected Beacon Place, D11 gave its prize money to The D-11 Foundation, and White Construction Group donated its prize to the Mile High Youth Corps. We can’t wait to see what our members can do in 2015!

Looking ahead

We’ve got some exciting plans to crank the competition up a notch in future Ultimate Fitness Challenges – stay tuned for updates!

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