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Sonic Striding

If your company is the uncompromising sort, laser-focused on getting employees off their cabooses, Sonic Striding is your kind of program. First, we equip employees with our state-of-the-art activity monitor. Add to the mix battle-tested competitions and challenges to motivate even the most obstinate naysayers. Bringing it all together is our custom-tailored software that makes exercise feel like a game.

For companies seeking the most high-tech, convenient, sustainable activity program on the market, Sonic Striding is here to rescue you from run-of-the-mill pedometer programs.

Meet Boomerang™

It's 4 devices in 1 - wirelessly tracking both impact and non-impact activity ... displaying stats and other smartwatch functions on a sleek touch-screen display ... facilitating two-way communication with customizable messages and surveys ... and enhancing interaction with Sonic Boom programs directly from the wrist. And it's exclusive to Sonic Boom.

Meet SonicPed™

Morning, noon, or night, SonicPed doesn’t care. Just clip it on on any shoe and move your patootie (well, you can move anything, but patootie is just a fun word to write). SonicPed accurately stores ALL of your activity:

  • Walking or running steps (it’s smart enough to know the diff!)
  • Total time doing anything – biking, ellipticalling, and even swimming
  • Total calories burned
  • Your speed (do you know your walking pace per mile? Betcha don’t)
  • Distance


How does SonicPed fit? Check it out here.

Then, like magic, when you walk within range of a wireless receiver installed at work or home, all of your activity data is automatically, wirelessly uploaded to your private Sonic Boom web site.

How it Works

SonicPed wirelessly transmits ALL of your activity data
Activity data is received by the wireless receiver installed at work
Data is automatically uploaded to your private Sonic Boom web site

One Receiver for Multiple SonicPeds

Only ONE receiver and computer is needed to track everyone’s stats in one location. One receiver is able to offload multiple SonicPeds’ data simultaneously.
Separate receivers for multiple users not necessary.

Competitions Galore

Sounds stellar so far? Yeah, it sure is. But it gets better. Administrators have full control of setting up wickedly engaging competitions. Men vs. women, young versus not-quite-so-young, department versus department, management versus warehouse, etc. Participants form wacky teams, come up with battle slogans, and track each other’s progress on real-time leader boards. A little trash-talkin’ from time to time? Certainly.

Call Us Contest Consultants

Since we were a pioneer in the whole competition/challenge arena, we’ve learned a thing or two about setting up contests. You may be wondering, “How long should my contest be?” “How many members should be on each team?” “How do we choose teams?” “What should our prizes be?” “What metric should we use?” We can answer all of these questions, and more, based on hundreds of real-world experiences over several years.

Validation, validation, (did we say validation?)

Most of our clients don’t take this activity thing lightly. They think self-reporting stinks. They’re serious about increasing employee physical activity and they want it tracked accurately, conveniently, with real-time data at their fingertips. Check on all counts.

SonicPed is extraordinarily accurate for steps and time for almost any activity. Because it’s insanely convenient, the majority of employees wear it, nights and weekends included. Since all the data is stored and uploaded wirelessly, there are no lags and no gaps in data.

What we know is that the more barriers you knock down for participants, the greater their sustained engagement.

Rubber. Meet Road.

Since we have all this high-tech validation and convenience at our disposal, most of our clients use our automated system to link physical activity levels to meaningful incentives. At any interval they choose, clients can set up daily and long-term physical activity goals. For those who excel, awards are doled out. For the most forward-thinking clients of the bunch, health care premium differentials are instated (since physical activity is the quickest, most demonstrable way to boost productivity and improve health).

Games galore

Exercise doesn't feel like exercise when it's a game, and we offer a gamut of games. Whether it's people setting up their own physical activity Jousts (validated physical activity contests based on anything they can dream up), to seeing how fast they can fill up a football field with their footprints, we inspire members to act like kids again and get fit in the process.

Pre-negotiated ROI

We even have one long-term instance whereby a wise, national health plan (who shall remain nameless) put rate caps in place for a coalition of employers using Sonic Striding. If a certain percentage of employees met the long-term physical activity goal (as validated by SonicPed), health care premiums for the entire pool would be capped at a lower-than-market-trend percentage. For three years running, over 70% of employees have achieved the annual physical activity goal, qualifying the pool for a rate increase of just 6%, which is approximately 50% less than annual trend in that region.

Ultimate Fitness Challenge™

Every year in October, we host the battle royale of all physical activity contests. It’s a head-to-head competition that pits all Sonic Boom clients against each other to see which company has the most active employees. All contestants must wear their SonicPeds every day, ensuring 100% validated, accurate activity logging.

Suffice to say, it gets fierce and fabulous. Activity levels shoot to the moon. It’s not uncommon to see 1,000,000 + steps within the first 3 weeks.

2010 Winners!

The winner of 2010’s contest was Erickson-Hall Construction, with an average of 198 minutes of daily average activity (that’s over 3 hours per day, 7 days per week, for nearly 6 straight weeks, for all contestants at their company!).

The individual winner in 2010 was Jim from Wawa – he logged 1,347, 680 validated steps on his SonicPed in less than 6 weeks!

2011 Winners!

Super Store Industries dominated 2011’s UFC from day one (they even had try-outs to qualify their employees!). They smashed all comers, winning the company vs. company contest with a daily average of over 15,000 steps and an average of 309 minutes of daily activity.

Even more impressive was Randy Beahm of SSI, who walked away with the individual prize by a winning margin of 16%. Randy logged just shy of an astounding 2,000,000 steps in just four weeks, which equated to nearly 12 hours of daily activity EVERY DAY for a month! He’s totally legit (all data validated by SonicPed) and we’ll gladly tell you his routine – he’s a true champion and his personal success story will blow you away.

Charity donation

In honor of SSI, Sonic Boom donated $1,000 to the charity of its choice. They chose “Hope for the Warriors” as the recipient of the $1000 Sonic Boom UFC prize money, and SSI was ultra-generous in agreeing to match the $1,000 Sonic Boom donation!

The mission of Hope For The Warriors® is to enhance the quality of life for U.S. service members and their families nationwide who have been adversely affected by injuries or death in the line of duty. Hope For The Warriors® actively seeks to ensure that the sacrifices of wounded and fallen warriors and their families are never forgotten nor their needs unmet. What a great cause!

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