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Mission Control

Our Account Management and Member Support teams reside in our Mission Control center. Total client happiness (TCH) is the sole mission of our Account Managers and Account Coordinators, who:

  1. Regularly consult with your HR team / admin(s) on wellness program best practices
  2. Do all of the heavy lifting to implement and sustain your long-term worksite wellness program
  3. Coordinate integration with third-party vendors and supplemental wellness activities within a single, streamlined wellness engagement hub
  4. Orchestrate training and support for your team of wellness ambassadors (we call ‘em SuperChamps)
  5. Deliver and review reporting on a regular basis – making tweaks and suggesting fresh ideas to constantly improve your wellness program and boost employee engagement
  6. Respond outrageously fast to your needs and requests
  7. Make you feel as though you’re our only client
  8. Exude high-spirited, irrepressible, can-do attitudes at all times
  9. We’d keep going, but you get the idea…

Personal, private Admin Portal

To fully customize the member experience and gauge your wellness program’s ongoing performance, you have access to all of the same reports and admin tools that our Account Management teams do. We don’t hide anything from you (except HIPAA-restricted PHI, of course). What you see is what we see, and it’s how we measure our success (and work together to improve your wellness program over time)

We’ll do all of the heavy lifting (and completely run your program for you if you prefer). But YOU remain in full control and can pull all the levers we can pull to drive engagement.

Reporting: 20+ real-time reports

How many members are engaging, in what areas of the program, over what time frame, with what level of persistency, and with what outcomes? You’ll see all of this in real-time, in your own personalized Admin Portal. Looking for a summary dashboard? Just check out your customized Reporting Cockpit.

Oh, and if you ever need anything, we’re just a click or call away.

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