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Harkening back to days of old, medieval knights jousted on horseback to stay sharp for battle, gain status, and earn recognition.

In the 21st century, Sonic Boomers play games (“Jousts”) to boost each other’s health, stay sharp through healthy competition, and earn the spoils of victory in the process.

Launched in 2011, Joust has catapulted (puns galore!) into our second most popular module, beckoning members to invent their own health-related challenges, throw down the gauntlet against friends or foes, and transform into stronger, more resolute health crusaders.

With over 90 pre-loaded Joust games to choose from, Jousters have a full arsenal of high-tech, automated health challenges at their disposal. Extraverts delight in public Jousts and fearlessly take on all comers. Introverts prefer more subdued, private Jousts among close friends. Some Jousters band together in teams, while others stand their ground as individuals.

Shunning the low-tech of medieval times, present-day Jousters revel in high-tech. Jousters wear SonicPeds to wirelessly track their physical activity (lances are so last millennium). Real-time leader boards keep score for all contestants. After the dust settles, victorious Jousters earn the spoils – either Sonic Status Points or public recognition in the form of 20+ virtual trophies. The Wall of Fame tracks all-time Joust leaders, bathing them in glory.

Sure, there are lots of meek, soggy challenge programs out there. We invite you to try something brazen, mysterious, and audacious like Joust. We’d love to list all 90 Jousts publicly and get into the nitty-gritty, but alas, our wily competitors may snatch our hand-crafted creations and claim them as their own. Please contact us for more.

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