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What's in a name?

It was June of 2007. Danna and Bryan, armed with lots of ambition (and little to lose) had retreated to Zion National Park. They camped on an idyllic mesa, overlooking the valley below, and pondered their futures. One had recently spent seven years at one of the nation’s leading corporate wellness companies. The other was a serial entrepreneur, best-selling author in the field of nutrition, and motivational powerhouse. Both were prepared to risk everything to compete in the corporate wellness space.

By campfire, the naïve, bright-eyed co-founders talked through the night about building a new breed of wellness company. With a blank slate and uninhibited freedom, the ideas flowed. Without knowing it, the seeds for new company had been planted. It was far from perfect, but it was edgy, innovative, and outside-the-box. The company DNA was imprinted, for better or worse. There was no turning back.

The only problem was that their creation didn’t have a name.

Fast forward one week

It was a cool summer evening, capping off an endless day of brainstorming. Sitting outside, drinking wine on the backyard patio, Danna and Bryan debated potential company names. They talked about breaking the barriers to traditional wellness, but it seemed that no name could capture the essence they needed to convey. Suddenly, a thunderous rumble shook the house and rattled the windows. It was a sudden BOOM.

Bryan was startled. “What was that?”

Danna exclaimed, “That was a Sonic Boom!”

“No way!” exclaimed Bryan.

She looked it up on her phone and saw that the space shuttle had been diverted to land at Edwards Air Force Base, re-routing it over the house. It was breaking the sound barrier and creating a sonic boom.

Danna said, with elation, “See, that was a Sonic Boom! How cool! Wait a minute. We’re breaking the barriers to wellness….the shuttle’s breaking the sound barrier…it’s a sonic boom….hold on….what about Sonic Boom Wellness??!!?”

It was too perfect. Sonic Boom Wellness was born.

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