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Breaking Wellness Barriers

60% participation vs. 4% participation

Most wellness companies are jazzed to get 10% participation. Sonic Boom averages 60% nationwide participation, and we don’t count phoney-baloney participation like registering for a biometric screening but failing to show up, or signing up to be contacted by a health coach. We track participants as those who actively engage in our programs by earning points for practicing healthy habits.

Sticky vs. fizzle

It’s easy to start with a big bang and then fizzle out, but finding a program that’s sticky and engaging for the long haul is much harder. Most programs get you juiced up with a flurry of early communications and excitement, but then sputter out. To create true sustainability, Sonic Boom keeps programs fresh, fluid, and ever-changing. We are relentless innovators and constantly surprise clients with newer, bigger, better engagement tools. Many of our clients have been with us since the first year we started, a testament to long-term stickiness.

Turnkey vs. burdensome

You likely aren’t hunting for another full-time job to run a wellness program. Your plate is already full. You need automation, real-time reporting, and a program that grows and adapts virally. Most programs pin you down with loads of extra work and manual calculations. Sonic Boom frees you up to do what you do best – empower your employees to attain full engagement and vitality.

Validated vs. self-reported

Self-reporting is anathema to committed, hard-charging wellness program administrators. Best-of-breed organizations don’t settle for self-reported wellness program results. They demand validation. Sonic Boom eschews self-reporting whenever possible, employing high-tech, validated tracking of physical activity and biometric results. It’s not that you shouldn’t trust employees to report the truth, it’s that employees lack the time and desire to constantly monitor and manually record their daily behaviors. We set them free and let technology do the tracking.

Recognition vs. bribes

If you offer a crummy wellness program that doesn’t excite anyone, you’ll likely resort to bribes. Bribes are like financial crutches to prop up poor programming. We promise that you don’t need to resort to bribe-style extrinsic rewards (especially cash or gift cards) to get people to adopt healthier habits. You just need the right program and the right kind of incentives. Without giving away our secret sauce to competitors, we’ll give you a teaser by saying that certain types of social recognition, doled out in specific ways, have a more powerful impact on engagement than financial rewards.

Broad appeal vs. hit-or-miss

Don’t buy a one-trick-pony. It’s not that we have anything against ponies that can do a good trick, but even the best trick gets pretty old pretty fast. Show us a pony that can do 10 tricks and you’ve got our attention. The same applies to wellness. If your vendor ONLY does tobacco cessation, or ONLY does physical activity, or ONLY does weight management, you’re in for a fleeting, fizzling, flash-in-the-pan of a show. Your employees want more tricks.

Our pony offers 10+ tricks and we’re teaching her more every day.

Raving fans vs. sleepwalkers

Check our Facebook page. Talk to our customers. Call our Account Managers and ask them why they love their jobs. It’s all about the raving fans. We created our company with two main goals in mind and figured if we accomplished them, everything else would take care of itself:

1) Drive the highest customer enthusiasm in the wellness industry. Make them raving, lunatic fans.

2) Stimulate the highest engagement in the wellness industry.

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