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Sonic SuperChamps

The power of Sonic Boom is that you no longer have to worry about engaging every employee at once. You initially only need to engage a small cadre of opinion leaders – the folks who are most respected and connected. If your organization has 5,000 employees, we’ll help you find, train, and inspire the 250 or so “SuperChamps” who are your strongest opinion leaders. Getting SuperChamps on board first is the key to getting everyone else.

You don’t have the luxury of deciding whether SuperChamps are necessary. They will always be the ones engaged and will always be the most vocal, judgmental, and observant. They will either evangelize your program or pummel it into submission. They will exert their influence over everyone else and decide your program’s success or failure.

Don’t be intimidated. We are experts at identifying and motivating SuperChamps. They have 3 important jobs to do, and they do these jobs cheerfully and voluntarily because they’re hard-wired to do so:

1. Lead by example

2. Recruit new members

3. Promote the program

We spend a disproportionately greater amount of time building trust with SuperChamps, listening to their concerns, celebrating their triumphs and being open to their ideas. Your program will rise or fall on the backs of your champs.

P.S. We’re sorry we can’t share more, but our competitors haven’t yet discovered how to harness the power of SuperChamps and will surely be using our terminology shortly.

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