Systems Administrator

Go fast, but don’t rush.

Why I’m here?

Some say there is no true altruism – and helping people really does feel good. Finding solutions, fixing what’s broken, upgrading – my job is to make sure all the cogs are turning and technology is making our life easier, not harder. Of course it helps when the people you’re working with are nice – which is definitely the case here at SBW.

Favorite food

Italian food is probably my favorite. I mostly like home-cooked stuff. When you go out it’s either expensive or not very good (or worse yet, both!). My guilty pleasure is Tiramisu. Of course, I don’t always eat healthy – who does? Moderation is the key. However, when it comes to drive-through fast food, I get near-instant regret that I didn’t have it in me to cook something decent.

Favorite exercise

I like anything that has a good ratio of fun and challenge. But I’ll try anything twice. Weight training, biking, racquetball, volleyball – I’ve been known to play some paintball, as well.

Fun facts

  • I exclusively drove manual-transmission cars my whole life. I’ve owned a total of 9 vehicles. The newest is the exception: it’s not a manual, nor an automatic – it’s a fixed-gear ratio-battery EV.
  • I love messing with gadgets and electronics, so PC gaming and home theater are my other passions.
  • I design and build speakers, and I can spend hours reading a book on acoustic theory and other boring topics.

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