Allison M.

Client Success Manager

“I’m usually eating pizza”

Why I’m here?

I am completely humbled and honored that I get to work with such a fun, inspiring, and intelligent group of people. We all share the common goal of helping our members live healthier lives. I love having a job where I positively influence the health habits of people – what could be better?!

Favorite food

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Sweet potatoes, turkey, green bean casserole, and pumpkin pie – comfort food at its finest. If it’s homemade (and made with love), you have my heart.

Favorite exercise

I’m terrible at any sport requiring hand-eye coordination – my nickname in P.E. class was “Grandma” because I ran so slow. Despite that, I do (attempt to) jog regularly, bust a horribly embarrassing move on the dance floor, swim, and am an enthusiastic yogi! I also really do love long walks on the beach, since I’ve never lived this close to one!

Fun facts

  • I’m actually a licensed high school health teacher in the state of Illinois.
  • I (try to) play the ukulele – it’s much easier than the guitar I have.
  • I was voted “Funniest Laugh” in high school, but I think they meant BEST laugh.

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