Autumn B.

Director of Customer Success

“It’s time to T.C.O.B #TakeCareOfBusiness”

Why I’m here?

The people… this team of folks are so dedicated, hard-working, and above all FUN! Working in the corporate wellness industry for close to 15 years, it’s so refreshing to find a company that walks-the-talk and lives what we preach to our clients everyday. Our goal: ENGAGEMENT in every aspect, and that is so refreshing to find!

Favorite food

I love a good steak. Growing up, when kids were begging for pizza on their birthday, I was asking my dad to BBQ a nice tri-tip (popular west coast cut of meat) for me. Now that I’m an adult, pair that with a nice cold beer and I’m one happy gal!

Favorite exercise

Having two young sons, my exercise involves keeping up with them! and when Mama needs a mental break it’s yoga, meditation, hiking, or a nice long walk along the ocean.

Fun facts

  • I can whistle really loud. No, I mean REALLY loud. It’s great for getting everyone’s attention in a crowded room, or annoying the people around me at a baseball game.
  • I was a competitive cheerleader in high school. That’s probably where I learned how to whistle so loudly.
  • If there’s camping involved, I’m in!

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