Brandon S.

Member Success Specialist

Doing Something is better than nothing at all.

Why I’m here?

Lending an ear and hearing people out is what I am all about. I enjoy getting to know people, and helping them out. If you have a problem I will do everything in my power to help you out. Empathy is my strong suit and I love to use my logistic skills to answer / fix a persons problem.

Favorite food

I love southern meatloaf with ketchup on top. Mash potatoes and brown gravey, fried okre, and cornbread as sides. I love southern cooking so much!

Favorite exercise

I grew up in Alaska so obviously hiking trails is a way of life for me. To be alone in the woods with my thoughts. Just walking patiently and letting everything go for a minute is the best! Biking has become my second best favourite. I enjoy how far you can go on a bike and so quick! It’s replaced my car for mode of transportation.

Fun facts

  • I have Marfan syndrome, so I am extremely tall. 6’6″
  • I am an electronics engineer so as a hobby I make 8 bit computers. I enjoy not only designing their board, hardware, and parts layout but also creating their OS and software.
  • I own a car, but still prefer to walk, even if it’s a great distance (e.g. 10 miles across town.) I often feel like I get there quicker with all the other cars on the road.

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