Senior Client Success Coordinator

“I’ll try anything once, as long as it’s not harmful to myself or others.”

Why I’m here?

I think we’ve all heard that quote, “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life” – as soon as I met my fellow Boomers, read the blogs and amazing reviews, and even caught some of the older YouTube videos where kick-off attendees (whom you’d never expect) were jumping up on stage and working up a sweat, I knew that this was the opportunity I have been looking for. PLUS, I am a total wellness, fitness, and nutrition fanatic! One-of-a-kind team + working at a company that shares the same goal of making the world a healthier place = BOOM!

Favorite food

Healthy is really the only way I eat, but I make sure to make my food really tasty and creative. I just made sweet potato steak balls in the air fryer … drool. If I’m going out to eat, I always pick sushi since I won’t be making that at home. Once a year, on my birthday (literally only once a year), I will enjoy frozen yogurt for dessert, and dinner, and lunch, and breakfast … and I mean, coffee-flavored frozen yogurt is pretty much like a cup of coffee, right?

Favorite exercise

In the mornings I’m all about working out my muscles with weights, and then cardio with a run or on the Stairmaster. In the evenings I just LOVE to dance (hip hop, pole, liquid motion, ecstatic dance … I mean, I could go on and on). Sundays call for hikes, but we make sure there is a significant incline – the more uneven ground with rocks and dirt, the better! Leisurely, I also love cycling to unwind and clear my head.

Fun facts

  • I finished first in my division in my first-ever Spartan Race last summer
  • I have a dog named Mushroom because she is such a mush! She now lives in Argentina with my parents, where they recently retired
  • When I was younger, I did a WiiFit dance promotion with Alyson Stoner (the young girl from the Missy Elliot videos) that played on a YouTube Series

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