Bryan Van Noy

Co-Founder / President / Chief Innovation Officer

“Age like wine; not milk.”


Bryan Van Noy embarked on a career centered on health and wellness in 1994. Beginning at PacifiCare of California in Sales and Marketing, he became the youngest Account Executive in the company. He then worked for Prudential HealthCare before it was acquired by Aetna.   

In 1999, Bryan caught an incurable case of “the entrepreneurial bug” and founded Gluten Solutions, Inc., the first online grocery store specializing in gluten-free foods. Gluten Solutions quickly grew to service more than 100,000 customers, and was later acquired.

Concurrent to operating Gluten Solutions, in 2000, he dove into the corporate wellness and complementary healthcare industry by becoming the National Sales Manager for American Specialty Health, where his team implemented more than 300 wellness clients in seven years, including several Fortune 500 accounts.  

In 2007, seeing a golden opportunity to leverage fun, gamified, high-tech approaches to health-habit improvement, Bryan and Danna co-founded Sonic Boom Wellness. Sonic Boom’s energized approach is stimulating and enticing, driving massive engagement centered around social connection, competition, camaraderie, teamwork, accountability, and validation of behavioral change. With its foundation in behavioral economics and motivational psychology, the program also incorporates clinical outcomes, integration with targeted resources, and sophisticated incentive management. 

When they’re not “Booming,” Danna and Bryan enjoy thrill-seeking adventures, including racing cars, extreme skiing, flying, and pretty much anything that provides an adrenaline-endorphin rush.