Caitlin M.

Program Analyst

“Live Aloha”

Why I’m here?

I want to be part of something small that is making big change! I’m all about learning new things and engaging in new experiences. I hope that by helping others through their wellness journeys, I will be able to grow within my own wellness journey too!

Favorite food

It’s all about finding a balance!  I do my best to eat healthy during the week.  On the weekends, there’s nothing like a good ol’ burger and fries – YUM!

Favorite exercise

I played soccer for 15 years! However, I stopped playing once I moved from Maui to California to attend school. Since then, it has been difficult to stay consistent with exercise. But I do enjoy running, going to the gym, and lifting weights.

Fun facts

  • Ann Blyth (actress from the 50’s) is my grandmother. She is known for her supporting role in Mildred Pierce.
  • The longest plank that I’ve ever held was for 6 minutes.
  • I have jumped off of the backside of Black Rock on Maui, which is a 60 ft. cliff into the ocean. After the jump, I climbed right back up the rocks to the top.

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