Graphic Designer

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working” -Pablo Picasso

Why I’m here?

I <3 pixels. Being able to design amazing, purposeful graphics for a living is a dream come true for my creative soul. Sonic Boom allows me to create freely in an environment of fun and open communication. Contributing in my own way to benefit the overall health of others is also a great reward!

Favorite food

Favorite food: Migas. In general, I haven’t found a breakfast food I don’t like (it’s my favorite meal of the day BY FAR). Guilty pleasure: Churros … I can’t say no to a churro.

Favorite exercise

Basketball is #1 for me. Other exercises I enjoy include yoga, soccer, and beach volleyball. Also – I live in San Diego, so I can’t forget swimming in the ocean (duh!).

Fun facts

  • I started college when I was 15 years old.
  • My fingers are double-jointed … so if you’d like to know what an alien’s fingers would look like, just ask.
  • My beautiful wife and I love to travel globally. We love learning about new cultures and, best of all, food from around the world.

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