Chris G.


“I love the Boom!”

Why I’m here?

I’m a fixer. Wellness in the workplace is broken (or non-existent). Sonic Boom is changing this and I’m here to help. Oh, and to school the staff in ping pong … and bring up the average age in the office …

Favorite food

Is beer food? Grabbing a couple pints of San Diego’s finest never makes me sad. And since my roots are in the Midwest, I suppose it’s not too odd that I like a good casserole.

Favorite exercise

Surfing, soccer, and snowboarding. Actively conspiring to get my boys (6 and 9) interested in the same. Goal: annual family surf trip.

Fun facts

  • I fancy myself a bit of a chef and do most of the cooking for my family.
  • Despite my best efforts, I suspect I’m one of those crazy soccer parents.
  • Reality TV makes me blush. I can’t help it. I suppose I’m just embarrassed to be a human being when I see how ridiculous some of these people act.

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