“A person’s a person, no matter how small!”

Why I’m here?

I keep the lights on! Seriously though, the people, environment, and mission of Sonic Boom make it an exceptional experience. I also love streamlining and improving systems.

Favorite food

Simple, basic, healthy – that’s my mainstay, but I could eat a whole watermelon if it weren’t for the subsequent aftermath! Oh, and did I mention potatoes? You can never go wrong with a potato!

Favorite exercise

Anything with music – walking, running (WITH headphones), dancing, or aerobic classes of ANY sort – even if I make a fool of myself at hip-hop!

Fun facts

  • I have homeschooled all 5 of my children to varying degrees.
  • I love nature and getting dirty – everything from gardening to cleaning my chicken coop!
  • I don’t kill spiders – actually, I never intentionally kill anything except ants in my kitchen. I recently cried a little when I couldn’t avoid hitting a toad crawling across the road!

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