Daniel F.

Sales Executive

“Life’s a beach, take time to play in the sand”

Why I’m here?

I’m here because I have always believed that you can bring out the best in people by providing positivity and fun in all endeavors. Corporate wellness is such a fascinating microcosm of the human experience, as we get to take something that people don’t might not think of as “fun” (work) and turning it into something engaging and exciting! Being on the front lines of bettering peoples lives on a daily basis is both fun and meaningful.

Favorite food

I’m obsessed with Italian food and everything that comes along with it. Bread, butter, cheese, pasta, meat, different sauces… YUM! I am a pretty healthy eater most of the time but I exercise extra hard sometimes JUST so I can pig out afterwards.

Favorite exercise

Basketball, skiing, scuba diving, running on the treadmill, and having my dog pull me like a sled dog on my skateboard!

Fun facts

  • I can play the guitar (acoustic and electric), piano, and bass pretty well
  • I can wiggle both of my eyebrows and both of my ears separately
  • I have read and annotated the entirety of Moby Dick start to finish

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