Health Coach

“High five!”

Why I’m here?

I LOVE being a coach! Talking with people about their health is AWESOME, and everyone has the potential to achieve their goals with the right support.

Favorite food

Favorite meal: LOTS! I love a great fruit salad and dried fruit. I have a son with a severe peanut allergy, so I cook almost exclusively at home – good thing I have always enjoyed cooking and baking! Guilty pleasure: Kettle cooked chips – jalapeno or sea salt and vinegar are my favorites!

Favorite exercise

I was an avid runner for years, while also enjoying hiking and going on walks. Any time my husband and I traveled before having kids, we would skip the rental car and walk all around the city! Now my sons are a tad too big to strap into a jogging stroller, so I exercise with at-home HIIT workouts. I also enjoy riding bikes with my family, and sneaking away for an occasional solo hike or walk.

Fun facts

  • I was married at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, and had a cheetah and other animals at our wedding.  
  • I have gone skydiving, but I’m REALLY afraid of heights.
  • I love gardening!

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