Enrique V.


“I love the Boom!”

Why I’m here?

I’ve always been interested in developing great user experience that solves real challenges. It’s not easy to provide a software product that motivates people to get moving and exercise. Imagine if the software you develop can lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, improve your physical activity overall? That’s why I’m here: to solve real life challenges.

Favorite food

Fish: fried fish, BBQ fish, broiled fish, fish soup, etc, etc. I love fish! Did you say fish cookies? Oh yeah, I like those too! Also, anything that contains green tea: drinks, ice cream, cookies, etc

Favorite exercise

Any sports that involves running and push your limits. I’ve been doing Aikido for the last 10 years, I like to run, I like soccer, I played basketball while in college.

Fun facts

I can’t eat spicy food (hot food). Not even a touch of pepper. I will start coughing and my eyes turn red and watery.

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