Member Success Specialist

“Remember when you were young? You shone like the sun … shine on, you crazy diamond!”

Why I’m here?

I’m here to make an impact, to help Boomers with their technical questions, to make their lives healthier, and to join a fantastic team that leads by example and challenges each other go the extra mile. We care about health, nutrition, exercise, laughter, fun, and hard work, and we believe that we can be become better people every day. We’re all here for a reason … so let’s make each day count!

Favorite food

I love German food! Tacos are probably my regular cheat meal. I like to do meal-prepping, but I also enjoy spicy chilaquiles every now and then! Guilty pleasure? Mmhhh … banana and almond butter!

Favorite exercise

Boxing … keep moving and punching that bag! I also enjoy long hikes with my dogs, basketball, flag football … or maybe tackle football?

Fun facts

  • I like to build Star Wars Lego toys.
  • I’m also a “sneakerhead” (too many shoes!).
  • I moved from Mexico to San Francisco to Boston to San Diego, and I drove cross-country by myself!
  • I also helped train police dogs in Mexico when I was younger (so yes, I wore that puffy bite suit and became a human dog toy).

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