Jon F.

Digital Marketing Lead

“Faith, Family, Football”

Why I’m here?

Coming into the office doesn’t feel like “work” – I love being part of a family that shares the same objective of helping people live healthier and happier lives!

Favorite food

My favorite meal is tri tip, twice-baked potatoes, and green beans (not exactly healthy!). I also have a pretty big sweet tooth, so I eat dessert a lot more often than I should – Moose Tracks ice cream, maple bar donuts, and peanut butter cookies are my weaknesses.

Favorite exercise

I’m up for anything that gets my blood pumping! I love a good HIIT/circuit workout at the gym, but I also enjoy hiking, swimming, rock climbing, and playing a variety of sports outdoors (my favorites include football, baseball, and beach volleyball). I’ve completed a handful of 5ks, a Spartan Race, and a sprint triathlon as well!

Fun facts

  • I have an alter-ego who produced a rap song in college, breaks it down at the center of any dance circle, and performs 90s pop karaoke on occasion … his name is “Naughty J.”
  • I have an irrational fear of mini horses. No explanation needed … I don’t want to talk about it!
  • I have met and shaken hands with arguably the greatest athlete of all time: Michael Jordan.

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