Jose A.

Software Developer

“Keep it simple.”

Why I’m here?

I am here to pour my love and experience into building great applications that people love to interact with. Making things simple to use and easy to connect with. Wellness has always being a huge part of my lifestyle and connecting that love to building something great with all my team members.

Favorite food

I love to eat in portions but when I’m looking to eat something I love; my go to is always a really good Italian Pizza or a nice freshly caught Fish.

Favorite exercise

I love to ride my bicycle and go for walks to enjoy nature. When indoor I love to do situps to make my abs burn.

Fun facts

  • I was the first person in my family to buy a computer back in 1999 and I did it buy working at McDonalds fulltime.
  • The only course I failed in College was a Database course and the first job I worked on when I started my career was a Database Developer.
  • I love to rent a Porsche 911 every year for my birthday weekend as a gift to myself.

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