Katy O.

Director of Coaching

“Never, Never, Never give up”

Why I’m here?

I believe and I’ve seen firsthand the benefits a healthy lifestyle can make on an individual’s life journey. To be able to help someone who is down an unhealthy road and support them to take them steps to live a healthier life-that is an amazing privilege! I want to help individuals take back their lives! Live the life they were meant to live! For those that are healthy, I want to push you to experience the unexpected!

Favorite food

Pizza and cookies are my absolute favorite! Give me a deep dish pizza, root beer/beer and put on a ball game and I am a happy camper. Oh and California burritos – those are pretty amazing too!

Favorite exercise

I LOVE almost every sport and even more to play it! When I am not playing soccer and softball- I enjoy running, surfing, dancing, skateboarding, snowboarding, rollerblading, hiking, walking my pups and really anything that gets me outside!

Fun facts

  • I used to train dolphins and sea lions, now I train humans-animals are much easier to train!
  • I LOVE to travel LOVE!! One of my traveling goals is to visit all of the islands mentioned in the Beach Boys Song, “Kokomo”.
  • I never turn down a challenge and believe I can accomplish anything (sports, learning a new language, woodworking, EVERYTHING!)-except for karoke-i’m awful!
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