Sr. Client Success Manager

“Dogs are people, too!”

Why I’m here?

Life is too short to spend your work life at a job that doesn’t fulfill you. Sonic Boom is a vibrant group of folks from all walks of life, working together to achieve the same end-result – help others get healthy and find more JOY in their lives. To me, living a healthy lifestyle is more than apples and push-ups. It’s about broccoli – A LOT of broccoli. But it’s also about fresh air, gratitude, meditation, nature, a positive mindset, and a feeling of “bless and release.” Control what you can, let the rest go.

Favorite food

Potato chips are my weakness – I balance them out with broccoli. Also, wine (because grapes).

Favorite exercise

I love dancing, kayaking, rollerblading, and I play a mean tambourine. I also think swaying in a hammock should count as exercise…

Fun facts

  • I’ve lived in Michigan my entire life and love to visit the Great Lakes.
  • l love being on, in, or near the water – it doesn’t matter if it’s a stream, river, lake, or the ocean.
  • I believe that music is cheap therapy and you should partake in as much live music as you can. Always.

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