Senior Client Success Manager, Team Lead

“I love the Boom!”

Why I’m here?

Being a part of Sonic Boom is both exciting and inspirational! The culture and values of this company are what motivate me each day to come in and continue to grow my passion about health and wellness. I feel very connected to the work that I do and hope to inspire others in their health and wellness journeys each and every day! 

Favorite food

Most often, I eat pretty healthy because it makes me feel good overall. However, my friends and family can attest to the fact that I LOVE a well made burger, pizza, or sushi. Sushi might actually be my favorite type of food because you can choose so many different tasty rolls and they’re always delicious!

Favorite exercise

I love running, lifting weights, HIIT, and dancing! My favorite part about a great workout is that you can always mix it up and keep it fun! When I take my boxing classes, it helps to channel my stress in a healthy way and also kick some major butt (including my own)!

Fun facts

  • I love to karaoke and make it a priority to go with my partner and friends at least once every few weeks to make sure I still got it (even though I definitely don’t)!
  • I am on a trivia team that plays once a week and our team consists of a therapist, scientist, health and wellness enthusiast, and event planner so we pride ourselves on knowing a ton of random facts!
  • As a fun hobby, I work side gigs where I do airbrush face painting for children (and parents are welcome too). The gigs are a blast and I get to meet a LOT of awesome people!

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