Maddy Z.

Flippant Writer Extraordinaire

“I’m just a girl, standing in front of a salad, asking it to be cheese”

Why I’m here?

I write the words! Also, I’m here to help people discover that leading a healthy lifestyle is easy and fun!

Favorite food

I rarely say no to any type of food. If I haven’t tried it, I will. If I have tried it and liked it, it probably has cheese in it. Or beer. Or both. Beer cheese soup anyone? Mmmm.

Favorite exercise

Yoga, hiking, beach cruisin’, or jogging with my crazy dog Kowabunga!

Fun facts

  • If you couldn’t tell from my “Favorite Food” response, I am from the exotic state of Wisconsin!
  • At one point in my life I had braces, headgear, and glasses. Then I grew to be 6 feet tall, broke my back high jumping and had to wear a back brace. There’s no one who can beat my awkward adolescence.
  • I am basically allergic to the sun, but I love being outside and have lived in both FL and CA. Look for me on the beach – I’ll be the one in the turtleneck under the umbrella.

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