Maksym B.


“I love the Boom!”

Why I’m here?

Well, where else would you be kicked off your work chair while debugging some Javascript to do some exercises with nice people in a cool atmosphere?

Favorite food

What could be better than rare filet mignon with a glass of good red wine? Well, let me think: cabbage rolls with pork and rice, dumplings with potato and homemade cheese, potato pancakes with mushroom gravy … lots of things 🙂

Favorite exercise

I like swimming, jogging, and walking. Walking on the streets of new cities during travels is the most preferable activity.

Fun facts

  • I love driving, especially if that means visiting new and interesting places. I have driven through 12 European countries already … 38 more to go.
  • English is not my native language. Sometimes it’s difficult for me to understand whether people ask for directions or a recipe for gingerbread. Usually I reply that weather is extremely nice today.
  • I save lots of time and money on shampoo and haircuts.

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