Ross G.

Vice President, Operations

“Don’t worry … be happy.”

Why I’m here?

I get to be creatively analytical and work with an incredible writing / graphic-design team to spread the Sonic Boom brand … all within a super-fun environment that reinforces my personal passion for health and wellness. What more can a guy ask for?

Favorite food

I’m a bit of a fruit-and-veggie freak, but sushi is hands-down my favorite “treat yo-self” meal. I’m also completely dependent on peanut butter. JIF creamy is where it’s at!

Favorite exercise

I like to run fast (not far – just fast), pick up relatively heavy objects and put them back down again, and play sports. It’s also pretty easy to stay active because of our kiddos (I’m constantly being chased by various dinosaurs).

Fun facts

  • I am anosmic, which means I can’t smell a single thing! Before you ask … yes, I can taste! Smell enhances taste, but we actually taste with our tastebuds, so I’m good to go!
  • I’m originally from Pittsburgh and darn proud of it! I love my Steelers, Pens, and Buccos – but many people don’t realize just how much the city has evolved since the steel mills shut down (you know, 40+ years ago). It’s a pretty cool place to call “home.”
  • I can whistle… VERY loudly. It’s a family trait, and you probably don’t want to hear it. I can also wiggle my ears. I know – so many useful skills…

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