Ryan V.

Chief Operating Officer

“Some people just need a high-five.”

Why I’m here?

I was part of a small wellness company several moons ago and very excited once again to make a difference within a niche organization promoting health and wellness. We are in a health epidemic and I want to simply do my part in making the world and its members/employees happier and healthier (me included)!

Favorite food

One word: donut. More than one word: growing up in Wisconsin I was all about meat and potatoes (and cheese curds of course!). However, moving to the southwest my focus has turned to the infamous California burrito and sushi rolls. Throw a pizza in at any time as well. I am not a picky eater and can easily be won over with a home cooked meal. 😉

Favorite exercise

Two ACL knee surgeries have limited my youthful activities from the past, but I still enjoy as many sports as I can play (especially if they involve my wife and/or two boys). Golf, although probably not considered true exercise, is my favorite. However, I try to include swimming, biking, walking or hiking w/ our dog, and working out at the gym in my weekly routine. Not so long ago I’ll have you know…I completed two ½ marathons and a sprint triathlon – just not sure any of those are in my future again. 🙂

Fun facts

  • I’ve had a cavity in every one of my teeth that can have a cavity – despite my father being a Dentist.
  • I own both a unicycle and stilts. I’m not so bad at juggling, but my magic can use some work.
  • Despite being from the midwest and now living only miles from the beach/ocean (AND statistics AND common sense), I am terrified of sharks!

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