Senior Client Success Coordinator

“It’s nice to be important, but it’s important to be nice”

Why I’m here?

As a passion project I started working in the wellness space, curating workshop leaders for immersive in-person and virtual experiences. I was blown away by the positive physical and mental impacts it provided participants. It was also a powerful tool to create community and support systems through shared experiences. When I learned Sonic Boom had similar goals and a focus on making wellness fun and approachable, I jumped on the opportunity to get involved.

Favorite food

As a Midwest native, I love ranch dressing – but in my pursuit of living a more well-rounded and balanced lifestyle, I no longer treat all food as a vessel to consume ranch (but it’s still a passion of mine). I also love alliteration, so Sushi Sunday and Taco Tuesday are staples in my family.

Favorite exercise

I love being outdoors, so give me a mountain to climb, or nature preserve to explore and I am there.

Fun facts

  • I once built an igloo using a recycling bin, and even convinced a Jimmy John’s driver to deliver to my location. 
  • I recently developed an allergy to leather, making my greatest enemy a watch strap.
  • I’ve never eaten bacon, but I feel like it’s overrated.

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