Client Success Coordinator

“You can’t be late until you show up!”

Why I’m here?

I got into weight lifting a few years ago because I wanted to be strong enough to take on the world. Soon after I realized I wanted to be healthier all around, so I began to research more which led me to wellness. It’s awesome to be part of a company that not only puts value in those things I feel are important, but makes such an incredible impact on many people’s lives. Helping others improve their lives pushes me to continue to improve my own as well, and I’m excited to be part of such an innovative company.

Favorite food

CHOCOLATEEEEE! But also steak and potatoes hehe. I really love food in general honestly but If you ask anyone that knows me that would be the answer!

Favorite exercise

I love to hike, dance, skate, kayak, swim, do yoga, lift weights, and occasionally I’ll do some HIIT cycle where I headbang while I bike! I’ve also been enjoying nice walks with my pupperooni. I try to stay active and outside when I can.

Fun facts

  • I just adopted the cutest pupper ever this year.
  • I was born in a different country and my parents speak 4-5 languages!
  • I once went on a 2 month backpacking trip on my own to Asia and Australia.

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