Service Dog

“I love naps and walks”

Why I’m here?

Everyone needs a ball of fluff to love on when they’re hard at work – I’m happy to be that ball of fluffs. I’m here to bring happiness to my Boomers, one desk visit at a time. I don’t even have to beg for a belly rub or an afternoon walk, my Boomers help me with that every day!

Favorite food

I enjoy all kinds of food, especially my humans’ cooking, but my guilty pleasure is eating trash when they’re not looking.

Favorite exercise

With my fur shining white like an ocean of pearls, my favorite exercise is of course chasing squirrels.

Fun facts

  • In case you didn’t notice, one of my eyes is blue and the other is brown. This is a rare genetic defect (one could also say “medical marvel”, but I digress…) that only affects % of dogs, and I’m one of the lucky ones!

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