Head of People Operations

“Hustle & Heart”

Why I’m here?

I am passionate about people and believe they are the most valuable part of an organization. HR isn’t about being the people police – it’s about having fun, solving problems, and providing leadership so the company and employees can learn, grow, and celebrate success together. Every day I wake up excited to bring positive energy and calming influence to make a difference in the lives of those I am fortunate to work with at Sonic Boom.

Favorite food

I am a FOODIE, so there is no way that I can pick a favorite. When I travel, eating my way through the destination is a top priority.

Favorite exercise

My favorite activity is snowboarding. You can catch me in the winter bouncing all over the states trying to get as many vertical feet in as possible!

Fun facts

  • I used to travel and cook on the competitive barbeque circuit.
  • I love all things ocean-related and raise tropical fish and corals in captivity.
  • My dream job in retirement is to be a sommelier.

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