Trinie M.

Senior Program Analyst

“Napping my way to wellness”

Why I’m here?

Helping others achieve their goals has always been my thing, having fun while doing so is just a bonus! I’m a firm believer of growth and I stand behind the mission and values that Sonic Boom represents. Plus, no one judges if they see me skipping down the hall and that’s always nice.

Favorite food

I’m a sucker for Japanese food, takoyaki is my favorite. I can also eat tacos like it is no one’s business.

Favorite exercise

Dance, dance, dance! There’s no better way to get your cardio in than to some good ol’ hip hop choreo.

Fun facts

  • I watched Deadpool the movie 4 times in theaters and I am not ashamed of it.
  • I’m a language nerd and I like to think I have a knack for it. I learned the entire Korean alphabet in two days and Japanese (Hiragana + Katakana) in three. (Fun fact in fun fact: I’m a linguist and come from a multi-lingual family.)
  • My ultimate stress reliever (when it’s not dancing, of course!) is gaming. I may be a little bit of a beast at League of Legends, who knows.

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