Tyler S.

Desktop Wizard Extraordinaire

“Don’t grow up. It’s a trap.”

Why I’m here?

Helping out others is a personal trait, when I first saw Sonic Boom I knew it was fate. Everyone here works hard and loves to laugh, that’s why this wizard stands by Sonic Boom with his staff. The culture, the people, the way we all collaborate, Sonic Boom Wellness is more than just good, they’re GRRREAT!!

Favorite food

To give you an answer that is honest and valid, my favorite food is a chicken caesar salad.

Favorite exercise

If playing Magic: The Gathering counts, then that is my favorite exercise without any doubts. But if I’m being honest I enjoy a good walk, I also enjoy playing fetch with my cat named Sherlock (No really, he actually plays fetch).

Fun facts

  • I like to rhyme and write poems if you couldn’t yet tell, I like to do it often and I do it quite well.
  • I taught myself how to play the piano and I play in the afternoons, I also compose my own music and have two songs on iTunes.
  • I enjoy meditation and exploring my mind, It has made me a better person and also more kind.

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