Zak M.

Sr. Client Success Manager / Team Lead

“I love the Boom!”

Why I’m here?

It only took me about 2 seconds to fall head over heels in love with Sonic Boom! This place and these people are RAD! (Yes, I just used the word “rad”. I’m a dork, let’s just accept that and move on.) I find it rewarding and inspiring to be witness to and to stand for people stepping into their own greatness, and I believe that it starts with health, wellness, well being. Sonic Boom illuminates that path!

Favorite food

I always eat healthy. Just kidding. I am agonizingly tempted by burgers, pizza, steak, gyros, beer, and burritos. The burrito might be my biggest weakness, although I have yet to find a burrito in San Diego that rivals my Bay Area favorites: Carne Asada from La Cumbre in San Francisco, or Carnitas from Cancun Taqueria in Berkeley.

Favorite exercise

Oh my gosh, I’m not sure how to pick just one. I go through lots of phases with favorite exercise – I love yoga, surfing, swimming, running, biking (triathlons!) playing volleyball, and occasionally hitting the weight room. But really, it just depends on my mood…

Fun facts

  • I trained for and completed the Oceanside half Ironman in 2011 all by myself!
  • My first job out of college was at Jiffy Lube.
  • At one point during my early rebellious years I sported a purple mohawk, dog collar and numerous other chains as well as a total of 13 various piercings.

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