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Biometrics. Rebooted.

You don’t need to bust your wellness budget with elaborate incentives just to coax employees to participate in biometric screenings. If insanely high participation is what you’re after, you need to:

  1. Offer employees a choice of biometric screening methods, empowering them to choose their preferred option.
  2. Make it as simple as possible for employees to schedule their health screening, regardless of the method they choose.
  3. Make it as convenient as possible for employees to complete their biometric screening (step #1 helps with this).
  4. Automate a series of communications and reminders to make sure employees know where to go and what to do (and actually show up at their biometric screenings).
  5. Make sure your wellness vendor is holding the biometrics vendor accountable during implementation … we probably don’t need to tell you what a nightmare onsite screenings can be if poorly planned.
  6. Make biometric screenings a single component of your comprehensive, holistic worksite wellness program that’s engaging and fun.
  7. Read #6 again. Seriously.

Our biometrics stance

We’ve been misunderstood in the past as being anti-biometrics … we’re not! You can learn more about our overall position by visiting our Shocking Truths page, but the bottom line is this:

Biometric screenings can be helpful in delivering health information to employees, as well as setting a validated baseline for which to track employee health improvement over time. But biometric screenings are NOT a standalone employee wellness program. Anyone can step on a scale – but does that make them healthy? It’s what we do between measurements that makes all the difference – and that should be the focus of every corporate wellness program.

Multiple screening options

For those who want to help employees know their numbers and track health improvements over time, we offer a one-stop wellness shop – with all screening options, sign-ups, and results available in the same centralized portal as our other worksite wellness activities, social tools, challenges, and incentives.

We leverage preferred partnerships with Quest Diagnostics and BioIQ to deliver seamless screening experiences, robust reporting, and can’t-beat-it pricing. If you have your own preferred vendor (or if you have your own staff that handles screenings), we are happy to integrate data into our platform for incentive management and streamlined lifestyle coaching.

Click on the following screening options to read about the benefits afforded by each method:


What happens next?

With our hands-on implementation and coordination with the biometrics vendor, your wellness screenings go well. But then what?

  1. Participants receive a detailed report outlining their current health status (while you, the employer, receive a package of aggregated results).
  2. Participants access a summary of their stats, whenever they want, on their Sonic Boom “My Health” dashboard. If you have data from a previous screening event, we can post year-over-year results for employees to track their improvements or diminishments.
  3. If you elect Lifestyle Coaching through Coach’s Corner, our coaches can use participants’ screening results to help formulate personal plans for health improvement (with their permission, of course).
  4. Our recommendation engine makes biometrics more meaningful by inspiring action.  We use each member’s specific results to make powerful, relevant recommendations for groups to join, activities to try, challenges to complete, and more.
  5. If you’d like, we can plug biometric screening results into our WIMS system to reward healthy outcomes and/or improvements. Don’t limit your rewards to simple participation – give employees an incentive to improve their health.

…wanna include effective health screenings in your overall employee wellness program?

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