We optimize engagement and wellbeing to make work and life better.

Customized. Relevant. FUN.

Worksite wellness should include SO much more than one-time assessments, bribe-style menus of incentive activities, stale education, and simplistic contests. Tap into our diverse library of high-energy, socially charged engagement tools, world-class contests/challenges, and 100% proprietary educational content – tying all aspects of wellbeing (far beyond physical activity) together within our unified, integrated health-habit-improvement platform.

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Sonic Boom has something for everyone.

We’re not your typical check-the-boxes employee-wellness program. We make daily health-habit improvement FUN, socially energizing, and easy to engage in from anywhere – helping members of all ages and fitness levels feel healthier, happier, and more fulfilled (at work AND at home) for the long-haul. Check out our brand-new brochure to see why our one-of-a-kind programs are unlike any of the other “boxed-up” solutions you’ll see in the industry.

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We spoil our clients, and it shows…

“The Sonic Boom team has taken our ideas for a holistic wellness program and created a comprehensive and engaging experience. Not only has employee wellness participation…”
Anne R.

Work-Life Coordinator

“Our Account Manager and Account Coordinator are simply the best. That seems to be the rule rather than the exception at Sonic Boom. Customer Service is very quick to respond…”
Lorean M.

Health & Wellness Coordinator

“Sonic Boom Wellness is brilliant. Their team and product is top of the line in every way – they are light-speed responsive, they anticipate our needs before we even know them… “
Dr. Sarah M.

Corporate Director of Life Enrichment

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Yes, these stats are real. They're real-time stats for all Sonic Boom members for the day so far, adjusted every 15 minutes and commencing at midnight Pacific Time. We calculate the stats by taking a snapshot of the total stats in the previous 15-minute block, and from there determine the estimated rate of change for the next 15 minutes. Therefore, as the day goes on, the stats become increasingly more accurate, with the most accurate statistics occuring between the hour of 11pm and 11:59pm Pacific Time.

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