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On behalf of Kyocera International, we are pleased to be a reference for Sonic Boom Wellness, Inc. When we were first introduced to Sonic Boom, we had been using a coaching vendor for two years ...
Rob Stevens - Kyocera International, Inc.

Woohoo! Physical activity stats for our members today...

Steps Taken
Miles Covered
Minutes Exercised
Calories Burned
Yes, these stats are real. They are the hourly-adjusted, real-time stats for all Sonic Boom members for the day so far, commencing at midnight Pacific Time. We calculate the stats by taking a snapshot of the total stats the prior hour, and from there determine the estimated rate of change for the following hour. Therefore, as the day goes on, the stats become increasingly more accurate, with the most accurate statistics occuring between the hour of 11pm and 11:59pm Pacific Time.