Incentive Management

Our goal is to drive consistent engagement through social connectivity and fun, without a need for financial incentives. And we assert that social recognition and trophy-value rewards go WAY further than monetary inducements in motivating long-term health-habit improvement. For clients that wish to offer incentives, ours is an infinitely flexible, segmentable, and customizable incentive-management platform that can integrate with other benefits/providers, and can use any currency to award any activity type. Here’s how it works.



Are you looking for a flexible, non-restrictive incentive platform? … Ease-of-automation? … Personalized tracking for different employee segments? … Perhaps most importantly, are you looking to incorporate smarter rewards and stop wasting precious budget dollars on hefty, unnecessary inducements?

Our Rewards dashboard is here to serve. Rewards is infinitely flexible, fully integrated, and outcomes-capable. Whether you want to keep your wellness incentives simple, or go all-out – whether you want to reward self-reported or validated activities – whether you want to base rewards on participation, effort, or outcomes – we can customize and automatize your plans with Rewards. (And yes – we said “plans,” as in plural, because Rewards delivers fully segmentable employee-reward programs that cater to your different employee populations.) Rewards also allows for a variety of currencies with multiple pathways to earn the reward – all fully customizable by you, with hands-on guidance from our experienced account managers.

Can Rewards integrate with our other wellness activities?

Yep – we play nicely with others and are fully HIPAA and ADA compliant. We accept secure data feeds for biometric screenings, health assessments, disease management, health plans, and any other worksite-wellness activities that need to be fed into your incentive-management program – including homegrown wellness initiatives and other internal or local sources. We also export data to all the same players, including payroll processors for employee incentive fulfillment.

Rewards does a whole lot more than we’re able to share here. We have to protect our intellectual property, but will gladly tell you about Bonus Days, improvement-based awards, and even the way to measure and track the most important predictor of overall productivity (top-secret). And, as is the case with our entire program, incentive customization comes at no additional cost!

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Prize Points


If you wish to award members with real prizes as they reach new milestones in the wellness program (think trophy-value items like Sonic Swag, or raffle drawings for fun local experiences), our system will automatically award Prize Points for the most meaningful habit-improvement activities. So members will still boost their Engagement Score for everything they do within Sonic Boom Wellness, a Premise Health company – and then they’ll earn Prize Points for the stuff that matters most in improving their health habits.

As is the case with everything in our fully configurable program, we start you off with our standard system and then customize it to fit your unique needs and goals. We can even turn Prize Points off if you’d rather stick with the Engagement Score only. It’s your program – let’s design it together.

Engagement Score


As members engage in the Sonic Boom program, they earn points to signify achievement and help them keep score. They earn extra points for the more-meaningful stuff (e.g., hitting their daily activity goal, as validated by a wireless activity tracker) – we start you off with our standard configuration, which is based on years of best-practices, and then it’s all customizable by you, the employer.

As members improve their health habits at work and at home, they increase their Engagement Score and “level up” to hit new milestones along the way – earning fun badges and trophies and other forms of recognition, plus custom prizes if you wish to award them.

Boomer Bucks

Our incentive-tracking software will help you no matter what type of reward currency you wish to dish out (e.g., premium differentials, HSA contributions, bonus days of PTO, cool prizes, etc.). 

If you’re also looking for fully automated incentive fulfillment, Boomer Bucks was made for you.  Boomer Bucks is our virtual currency that allows employees to “shop” online for merchandise they love. The more healthy habits they engage in, the more Boomer Bucks they earn – all dictated by you and fully automated by us.

Our catalog includes thousands of ever-changing, brand-name, must-have items – from electronics to fitness gear and dozens of other categories (including awesome experiential rewards and even charitable causes).  Employees save up their Boomer Bucks, choose the item(s) they want within our catalog, and we deliver everything directly to them.  Your days of being overburdened by all of the tracking and fulfilling and answering of endless questions are finally over – let us do the heavy lifting for you.

As with everything else in our program, YOU (the employer) have the power to customize and award any amount of Boomer Bucks for any reason you want, which may include achieving a new point threshold, winning a contest, or improving biometric health status.  You can even award Boomer Bucks for outstanding service, or hitting a sales goal, or surpassing safety requirements (… did we mention you can award them for any reason that matters to you?).

Any currency

Yep – ANY currency – from HSA contributions to bonus days of PTO to raffle drawings for memorable prizes. And there’s no need to pick just one – you can award different types of prizes for different types of activities and achievements. If this sounds like the kind of flexibility and service you need, let’s set up a time to chat and demo our capabilities.

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