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The 8 best exercises to do while watching the Winter Olympics

We love everything about the Winter Olympics – the inspiring cultural unity, the thrilling high-stakes competition, and the incredible speed, strength, and skill of the athletes. But why just watch from the comfort of the couch when you can also join in on some of the...

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5 wondrous winter-workout ideas

With all of the feasting, parties, and other social obligations of the winter season, there seems to be little time left for keeping fit – even for those of us who’ve resolved to exercise or lose weight in the New Year. The colder weather doesn’t help matters much, as...

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Why we don’t want clients

Oh wait.  Did we leave something out of that (oh-so-catchy-and-intentionally-somewhat-misleading) headline?  I guess we did.  It’s not that we don’t want clients – that would be ridiculous.  It’s that we don’t want hundreds, much less thousands of...

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Wellness trends in 2018:  A glimpse into the future

As thought-leaders in the industry, we’re frequently asked what we think the future will bring to this quickly morphing world of wellbeing.  So far, we’ve built a pretty good track-record for predicting these things … let’s see how we fare with the wellness...

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20 quick ways to cut 100 calories

We know, we know – cutting calories has never been fun. But we’re willing to bet that most people who aim to cut calories think that in order to do so, they have to sacrifice their favorite indulgences altogether. And the truth is – they don’t!

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