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Our members’ success stories around lasting behavior change are why we show up to work every single day. 

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Emi’s dedicated Sonic Boom coach helped them adopt healthier habits, both at work and at home, and hit their weight loss goals. Read more “”

"Try it! You will NOT regret it! — Emi R.

Dezi knew these things in her life were an unhealthy, unsustainable approach, and I was good at making excuses about why I couldn’t lose weight. Then I met my Sonic Boom coach, Sarah, and everything changed. Read more “”

"Sarah is more than a coach; she’s also is a valued and trusted friend." — Dezi

Lisa went from gaining weight to finding an exercise routine that works for her, with the support of Sonic Boom’s coaching program. Read more “”

"I’ve now been hitting the yoga goal consistently for 60-plus days" — Lisa

Cliff experienced great success and support working with one of the coaches at Sonic Boom Wellness. He was able to return to activity after living with back pain. Read more “”

"After about a year of enduring pain for no apparent reason, I got help." — Cliff
Kelly's Sonic Success Story

Kelly was very ill, and his liver and kidneys were failing. At the urging of a colleague, he went to the hospital but almost didn’t make it to his liver transplant. When he woke up from the surgery, his life changed in an instant — and he hasn’t looked back. Read more “”

"My first goal was to walk again." — Kelly

Megan shared her Sonic Success Story with us in 2020, and we felt so inspired by her experience with the Sonic Boom program and our coaches. We followed up with her recently to see how things have been going, and she shared some exciting updates with us. This is where she’s at with her wellness journey.

"I am at my goal weight and have been working to maintain it now!" — Megan

Calvin appreciated how personalized his experience was with his Sonic Boom coach and developed some new healthy habits as a result.

Calvin K.

Stuart lost 105 pounds in just over a year, while working with Sonic Boom coach Miriam. He also experienced fewer fibromyalgia flare-ups, as his lifestyle improved.

Stuart H.

Antonette went from a mostly sedentary lifestyle to cycling regularly and trying other new fitness activities. She also lost 37 pounds in the process, even though weight loss wasn’t her goal in the beginning.



David worked with Coach Miriam and learned how to stay consistent with small, healthy habits each day, which eventually resulted in big changes.

David B.

The Sonic Boom program helped spare Denise’s life by encouraging her to get a regular health screening … where they discovered an aggressive form of breast cancer.

Denise T.

Jodi worked with a Sonic Boom coach and discovered the underlying reason behind her snacking habit.

Jodi C

Satara has achieved consistency toward her weight-loss goals with a Sonic Boom coach, after years of falling off her goals.

Satara B.

Aaron has lost 63 pounds since starting the Sonic Boom program and has seen improvements in his sleep, mental health, energy levels, and personal life.

Aaron B.

This member has elected to remain anonymous, but wanted to share their success with others in similar situations. They’ve significantly reduced their stress levels by practicing deep-breathing exercises and meditation, approaching life with more of a positive outlook, and setting attainable goals with their Sonic Boom coach.

Anonymous coaching member

Jacqueline has improved her physical and emotional wellbeing (especially during COVID isolation) by exercising more regularly, reducing her daily sugar intake, and staying in contact with her Sonic Boom coach.

Jacqueline R.

Kristie lost 34 pounds and dropped two pant sizes, thanks to the Sonic Boom program and her work with coach Sarah.

Kristie D.

Candace has lost 15 pounds, started exercising on a daily basis, added more fruits and veggies to her diet, boosted her energy levels, and improved her self-confidence. Read more “”

Candace R.

Ralph has lost 128 pounds lost in 20 months, is no longer pre-diabetic, no longer takes any medications, and has averaged 16,458 daily steps since Nov. 2016 (6.5 million total steps!).

Ralph H.

This member has elected to remain anonymous, but wanted to share their success with others in similar situations. They’ve significantly improved their overall wellbeing by exercising more regularly, eating balanced meals, adopting a positive mindset about life and fitness, and setting attainable goals with their Sonic Boom coach.

Anonymous coaching member

Amber has lost over 40 pounds, improved her eating habits, gained more confidence in her appearance, and increased her energy levels enough to enjoy a recent trip to Walt Disney World.

Amber M.

Jacqueline has lost 5 pounds, improved her nutritional intake by eating smaller portions and making healthier choices, and significantly improved her energy levels.

Jacqueline K.

Roger has lost more than 25 pounds by exercising regularly, tracking his nutritional intake in a food journal, and engaging with the Sonic Boom program on a daily basis.

Roger H.

Steven has lost 7 pounds, made smarter choices with his diet, joined an exercise group (and started running long distances again), and boosted his energy levels enough to keep up with his kids.

Steven I.

Megan has lost 10 pounds, developed sustainable healthy-eating habits, increased workouts (AND family time) by incorporating children into activities, and gotten back to feeling comfortable in her own skin.

Megan J.

Hunter has added 10 pounds of lean muscle mass, improved his athleticism and physical endurance, boosted his self-confidence, and recently qualified for the Obstacle Course Race World Championships in October of 2020.

Hunter V.

Lisa has lost 48 pounds, quit smoking cigarettes, started being more active (e.g., hiking, snowshoeing, camping trips) with her five grandkids, and she’s in the best shape of her life.

Lisa B.

Craig is now committed to daily exercise (increasing from 30-60 minutes of walking per day to eventually being able to walk up to 40,000 steps!), and he’s eating healthier, losing weight, and gaining more self-confidence.

Craig R.

Ann has lost 38 pounds in 11 months with Sonic Boom, she’s no longer on diabetes medication, and her cholesterol is under control.

Ann B.

Cece has lost 48 pounds, 6 dress sizes, and one shoe size since starting Sonic Boom, and she has also started to feel more energetic, peaceful, and positively optimistic.

Cece S.

Geoffrey has lost 63 pounds since January 2012, he has more energy to play with his kids, and he’s learned that careful choosing of foods is extremely important.

Geoffrey F.

Diana has lost 15 pounds and is finally at the weight goal she made almost 10 years ago.

Diana B.

Jason has lost more than 200 pounds, reduced his daily medications from 8 to 2, reduced his shirt size from XXXXXL to XXL, and eliminated his diabetes.

Jason P.

Steve has lost 27 pounds, his energy levels have increased significantly, he sleeps better, his knee pain is gone, and he’s almost completely off of his blood-pressure medicine.


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