Our Strong Suits

In addition to our true differentiators, here’s what we do best (and where the majority of our focus lies) …


Massive engagement

Yep – we already covered this under our differentiators, but it’s so vital to who we are that we had to add it here too. Every vendor says they drive engagement, and the word is overused to the point where its meaning is neither commonly agreed upon nor fully understood. Does it mean going to the doctor for a checkup, or getting some blood drawn? Or perhaps taking a health-risk assessment? Or maybe it means creating an online wellness account to earn an incentive, or participating in a walking challenge?

To us, it means consistent engagement in activities that improve health habits. So we’re laser-focused on creating socially stimulating programs that people actually want to take part in – without needing to be lured in by hefty incentives. In today’s world of Pokémon Go (which lost most of its luster as quickly as it gained it), video games, and YouTube sensations, it’s harder than ever to capture and hold people’s interest. That’s our challenge (and where we spend the majority of our time and resources) – because you can “engage” in one-time behaviors all you want, but consistently engaging in daily habit improvement is the only way to generate lasting results.


Killer communications

You won’t find an apple or stethoscope on any of our communication materials. Instead, you’ll find creativity and personality – whether it’s ours or our clients’ – that drives up interest and sparks enthusiastic action. Employees can only engage in programs they know exist – and you’re not going to get anyone’s attention with trite, lifeless promotions. Our award-winning communications include portal co-branding and customization, as well as all kinds of posters, flyers, how-to guides, emails, alerts, notifications, and loads of additional collaterals. We’d be happy to share samples with you – just ask!


Integrated hub

Being a “hub” isn’t all that hard – and we do it just as well as (if not better than) the other hubs out there. We’ve integrated data with more than 30 external vendors – from health-plan offerings and biometric-screening services to dental plans and on-site gyms – manipulating their files to seamlessly and securely integrate into our platform. Not only do we integrate data for incentive-management purposes, we seamlessly export data in a variety of file formats for purposes of payroll integration, HSA contributions, premium differentials, etc. And we often provide direct links to these vendors’ sites, increasing visibility and utilization of all of your wellness initiatives (and can establish SSO, when desired).

Because Sonic Boom Wellness, a Premise Health company, drives consistent engagement across such a high percentage of eligible members, it creates the focal point for conveying information, collecting data from external sources, and serving up meaningful, real-time recommendations and suggestions. Information flows through the platform in both directions, meaning members benefit from easier discovery of otherwise-underutilized programs, on-demand communication of time-sensitive events, automated flow of validated data into the system to eliminate self-reporting friction, member-driven invitations to custom contests, smart recommendations, and more.


Sonic SuperChamps

Your time and resources are limited. Lucky for you, we’re experts at identifying, recruiting, and training wellness ambassadors (we call ‘em Sonic SuperChamps) to add loads of extra resources to your arsenal without costing a single penny. These SuperChamps comprise a high-powered volunteer army – your “boots on the ground” at each location and within each department – and can make all the difference between stellar performance and lackluster results. SuperChamps help us amplify success across widely dispersed populations, energizing the program by participating with exemplary enthusiasm and helping spread communications and promotions.