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Engagement Modules

Our fully configurable Contest engine makes wellness at work fun while keeping it relevant to every single employee. There’s no need to choose from a few static challenges that may or may not be interesting to you – ours are infinitely customizable, which means not only will it be interesting to every individual, but it can also cover any area of wellbeing.


Whether you want to get more physically active, eat better, avoid tobacco (or booze, or other vices), relax more, improve your mental health, grow your financial health, or simply expand your relationships, our contests and challenges boost all kinds of health habits, bring people together, and provide opportunities to earn healthy recognition along the way.

Companywide and member-created, individual- and team-based, competitive and cooperative, validated and self-reported – the sky’s the limit with custom wellbeing contests through Sonic Boom Wellness, a Premise Health company.

Contest examples…

Avoid fast food all week


Forego the fattening fries, gut-busting burgers, and sugary shakes – avoid fast food all week and get your nutrition back on track!

Join a charitable 5k/10k


Need some motivation to get movin’? Sign up for our charitable 5k/10k and join a movement (literally!) that provides for people in need!

Sleep 7+ hours each night

Healthy Habits

Don’t let a lack of sleep slow you down at work – challenge your colleagues to see who can get more than 7 hours of sleep each night this week!

Take mental-health breaks

Stress Mgmt.

Overwhelmed by overdue bills or a stressful situation at work? Set aside some time for a mental-health break and put your mind at ease!

Eliminate indulgences


Struggling to stick to a monthly budget? Identify two indulgences you can eliminate each month and commit to practicing smarter spending!

Volunteer with colleagues


Organize a company-sponsored service day! Venture outside of the office and come up with creative ways to volunteer with colleagues in your local community.

Featured Contests

This is the same robust, customizable challenge engine described above, with special permissions for you (the administrator) to host companywide or segment-specific contests that are “sponsored” by your company. You have the power to create them on your own, and can lean heavily on our industry-leading account-management teams to help you strategize, execute, and promote to achieve maximum engagement.


Engagement Modules

As the name oh-so-cleverly implies, our Challenge-of-the-Day (COD) invites participants to engage in a unique wellness challenge every day. And we must warn you – these aren’t milquetoast, diluted, vanilla tips-of-the-day like, “You should eat more veggies.” We affirm, based on decades of research and experience (and a bit of common sense), that education alone doesn’t translate into action. So we’ve invested a lot of creative juice into hand-crafting hundreds of rousing, one-of-a-kind wellness challenges that stretch people outside their comfort zones together (but not too far – we want them to bend, not break).

Our daily wellness challenges are stimulating, sometimes slightly outrageous, and always insightful. They cover all aspects of wellbeing, including physical activity, nutrition, financial, stress, resilience … and because they’re customizable for any client, we truly cover it all. We want people thinking (and doing!) wellness every single day, creating a consistent buzz at work and at home. Participants boost their Engagement Score by completing, rating, and commenting on daily challenges.

Are we just being wacky for the sake of being wacky? Not in the slightest. But daily doses of wellness education combined with imaginative, health-inspiring calls to action – now THAT’S how you activate a person’s inner child (and get them moving like one, too). Our wellness challenges turn even the most stubborn sideline-sitters into smiling wellness-doers. And we’ve got photos to prove it.

Caught Ya

Engagement Modules

When it comes to making healthy lifestyle improvements, praise should be shared in abundance. Our members dole out encouragement liberally by “catching” coworkers engaging in healthy behaviors (awarding them with points and recognition in the process).

With our mobile app, members take it a step further by sharing photos that their peers can “boost” and comment on with additional words of encouragement. Struggling with incentives? Nothing builds a stronger sense of camaraderie and morale than employees proactively noticing and rewarding each other with praise for getting healthier at work!

Whether the one doing the “catching” or the one being “caught,” members feel great about getting/giving that extra boost of accountability and recognition that we all crave.

Sonic Boom Academy

Engagement Modules

We offer a steady stream of educational content/videos and self-paced learning modules through our web-based “Sonic Boom Academy” platform. Within our Academy, members have access to a wide range of educational content (covering categories such as nutrition, sleep, finances, and mental/emotional wellbeing), where they can enroll in dozens of different courses, engage in hundreds of different lessons, watch helpful videos, and answer quiz questions to demonstrate comprehension/mastery – all at their own pace. Through the Academy, participants are encouraged to apply what they’ve learned to improve their daily habits. Our main Academy course categories include:

  • Financial Wellbeing (in partnership with certified financial advisor, Jeremy Kisner)
  • Nutrition
  • Sleep
  • Mental Wellbeing (in partnership with Healbright)
  • Exercise
  • Stress
  • Add your own custom content (reach out to your account manager for more details)

Goals & Trackers

One of the best ways to improve your health habits is to track them. With Goals & Trackers, we keep daily tracking simple by setting clear goals within a handful of key wellbeing categories. Members boost their Engagement Score each day by hitting their goals, and can view their progress (triumphs as well as setbacks) over time.

And there's more...

Innovative, stimulating gaming mechanics run rampant in every corner of the Sonic Boom program – from Live Leaderboards and Personal Bests to personalized recommendations (via Smart Cards) and beyond!

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