Contests and Challenges

Engagement Modules

Our fully configurable Contests engine makes the program fun, while also keeping it relevant to every single employee. There’s no need to choose from a few static options that may or may not be interesting to you. Rather, our contests are can be tailored to fit your needs. They’ll not only be interesting to every individual, but they can also cover any area of wellbeing.

 Whether you want to be more physically active, eat better, avoid tobacco or alcohol, relax more, improve your mental health, grow your financial health, or improve your relationships, our contests and challenges inspire members to improve their health habits, bring people together, and provide opportunities to earn deserving recognition along the way.

Companywide or member-created, individual- or team-based, competitive and/or cooperative, validated or self-reported — the sky’s the limit when it comes to custom wellbeing competitions through Sonic Boom.

But don’t take our word for it. Here are some real-life examples …

Skip the fast food


Pick one food vice you want to skip, and aim to avoid it for 14 days during this contest.

Track 30 of 45 days


Need a nudge off the couch? choose a healthy habit to track for at least 30 of the 45-day contest.

What is habit stacking?

Healthy Habits

Want to start a new habit but feeling stuck on how to do it? Try habit stacking during this contest.

30 days of self-care

Mental Health

Self-care doesn't have to be complicated. Follow this 30-day calendar to take time for yourself every day.

Save $5 a day


It's never too late (or too early) to start saving! Stash away $5 a day to build up your savings over time.

Pay it forward


Practice your helping hands by giving back to your community for 10 total hours during this contest.

Featured Contests

This is the same robust challenge engine that’s described above, with special permissions for you (the administrator) to host companywide or segmented contests that are “sponsored” by your company. You have the power to create them on your own, and you can lean heavily on our industry-leading account-management team to help you strategize and execute. And don’t worry … we’re here to assist with top-notch communications to maximize engagement and exposure.


Member-Created Contests

If you’re not an administrator for your employer’s wellbeing program through Sonic Boom, don’t worry! Our wonderful users (aka members) have the power to create custom contests and invite their colleagues to participate. Choose from our extensive library of 90+ templated topics, or build your custom contest from scratch! We leave the creativity and imagination in the hands of the member — since they know their colleagues best!



Engagement Modules

Our CODs invite participants to engage in a unique wellness challenge every day. We’ve invested a lot of creative juice into hand-crafting hundreds of intriguing, one-of-a-kind wellness challenges that stretch people beyond their comfort zones together.

Our daily health challenges are stimulating, sometimes slightly outrageous, and always insightful. They cover all aspects of wellbeing, including physical activity, nutrition, financial, stress, sleep, mental health, and so much more. We want people thinking (and doing!) wellness every single day, creating consistent habits at work and at home. It’s true — our wellness challenges turn even the most stubborn sideline-sitters into smiling wellness-doers. And we’ve got photos to prove it!

Caught Ya

Engagement Modules

When it comes to making healthy lifestyle improvements, praise should be shared in abundance. Our members dole out encouragement liberally by “catching” coworkers engaging in healthy behaviors, awarding them with recognition in the process.

Members can take it a step further by sharing photos that their peers can “like” and comment on with additional words of encouragement. Struggling with incentives? Nothing builds a stronger sense of camaraderie and morale than employees proactively noticing and rewarding each other with praise for getting healthier at work!

Whether the one doing the “catching” or the one being “caught,” members feel great about getting/giving that extra boost of accountability and recognition that we all crave.

Sonic Boom Academy

Engagement Modules

We offer a steady stream of informative content/videos and self-paced learning modules through our “Sonic Academy” platform. Members have access to a wide range of educational content, where they can “enroll” in different courses, engage in dozens of different lessons, watch helpful videos, and complete topical quizzes to demonstrate their comprehension, all at their own pace. Our main Academy course categories include:

  • Financial wellbeing (in partnership with certified financial advisor, Jeremy Kisner)
  • Nutrition (led by our original co-founder, Danna Van Noy)
  • Sleep
  • Exercise
  • Hydration
  • Mental health (in partnership with Healbright)

Clients also have the ability to add their own custom content, if requested. Please reach out to your dedicated account manager for more details.

Goals & Trackers

One of the best ways to improve your health habits? Track them. We make daily tracking simple by setting clear goals within a handful of key wellbeing categories. Members can view their progress over time under each of our Trackers, including hydration, weight loss, fruit/veggie, and stress/mood. Members can also create their own custom Tracker, making it easier to pursue whatever wellbeing goals you may have.

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