Wellbeing Contests

Engaging contests make our program fun and relevant to every single employee and organization. Rather than static, preset options, we open the door to collaboration between your Client Success Manager and Sonic Boom admins. Following best practices around our core modifiable behaviors, our team helps deliver contests that drive long-term behavior change and bring dispersed populations together.

Whether you want to move more, eat better, avoid substances, stress less, strengthen connections, or improve your sleep patterns, our contests provide members with the tools and accountability needed to address these core areas and move through progress toward improvement.

Prep at home

Skip the takeout and use cooking to unwind during this challenge.

Track 30 of 45 days

Start small to build a healther exercise habit over 45 days.

Stack your habits
Stress less

Starting something new doesn't have to be stressful. Try habit stacking.

30 days of nature

Humans aren't meant to stay inside. Step out every day during this challenge.

Save $5 a day
Stress less

Financial stress is a top concern among Americans. Take the pressure off by stashing $5 a day.

Pay it forward

Social connectivity creates a sense of belonging and purpose, and volunteer work is one way to do it.


Clients can lead by example and host companywide and/or segmented contests that target a key wellbeing behavior. Your dedicated account-management team helps you identify themes, strategize around functionality, and ultimately deploy the contest to your population. Backed by our in-house member engagement experts, your Client Success Manager is there to continuously advise on best practices, finetune details, and ensure your message is motivational and driving participation.


Our tailorable contest engine allows every member to create their own wellbeing contest around a topic that means the most to them.  This allow all members to use the Sonic Boom platform the way it was meant to be used: to better the individual wellbeing of every person.

Daily Challenges

Our Daily Challenges challenges bring a habit-forming and actionable wellbeing tip to each member during the work week. Each challenges provides them with something actionable they can do that day to improve their wellbeing. Grounded in our core modifiable behavior themes, the everyday challenges move members from consideration into committment.

Caught Ya

When it comes to the human experience, connection is at the core of wellbeing. Without it, we lack a sense of community and belonging. Caught Ya is our proprietary module that affords members the opportunity to dish out kudos and thoughtfully interact with colleagues, cheering them along their own wellbeing journeys. Recognition for a job well done yields increased happiness at work and in life. This tool places the power and enthusiasm in the hands of members, giving them the space to create comraderie and nurture relationships at work. Plus, it’s simple to use!


Studies show that fewer than 5% of employees utilize certain benefits progams, and that’s partly due to lack of understanding and awareness around what’s available. We aim to do the opposite with our Academy, making it easily accessible and digestible. Newly published courses are incorporated into a regular rotation of member communication to ensure awareness, consideration, and, ultimately, completion. We’ve also partnered with Healbright to provide on-demand mental wellbeing support for every eligible member. Every course, whether Sonic Boom- or Healbright-provided, is self-guided and can be completed on the member’s own clock.

Goals & Trackers

Accountability is rooted in awareness. When we know where we need to pivot, we can make the changes to do so. Our Goals and Trackers seamlessly meld accountability and awareness together, allowing members to set their own goals and parameters around habit formation. Whether recording hydration, weight loss, servings of vegetables, or mood/energy, or creating a custom tracker, members set all the specifics around goal type and cadence. This affords them the autonomy and power to direct their own wellbeing journey. Members can also sync any compatible device to their Sonic Boom account and be added to the leaderboards. Learn more about that option and other My Health capabilities here.

Allow us to demonstrate

Our modules are the what when it comes to the tools we use to deliver exceptional wellbeing support.

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1. James Richardson 10,426 steps
2. Wendy Johnson 9,258 steps
3. Mike Williams 9,034 steps