Our Differentiators

We could easily list 20-30 things we think we do really well, but that wouldn’t really tell you what makes us stand out. Instead, we consulted with our clients and various industry experts, and here’s what they had to say about why we’re different.



We know … everyone claims to be engaging. The term is wildly overused; how could we possibly consider it a unique differentiator? But we’re constantly told that it is. Why? Because we’re not just a health assessment. We don’t just offer a small menu of challenges. We don’t limit our holistic robustness to the “X pillars of health.” Rather, our pillars are limitless because we focus on all aspects of wellbeing. Our platform is the most flexible and tailorable one in the industry, making it personally relevant to each member, helping drive sustained engagement in health-habit improvement. Our programs are also socially stimulating, ensuring long-term interest in improving daily health habits — at work and at home.

We drive engagement to more than just wellness activities, too. We also help boost overall awareness and participation in other company initiatives through our integration and custom communication capabilities. This results in a more engaged workforce overall. So yeah, that makes our brand of engagement a bit different than the rest!


Social connectivity

Steps challenges are popular among most wellness programs, and ours are no exception. But not everyone wants to compete. And even for those who do, the typical “most X wins” contest gets boring quickly. That’s why we continuously think outside the box when developing our programs. We’re known as the industry pioneer and leader in creating social connectivity within our challenges. We’ve applied bountiful behavior-change and game-theory research to dozens of clever, highly stimulating challenge categories, supported by a steady stream of new, interesting gaming mechanics to hold people’s attention.

Our innovative health challenges result in the social connectivity that employers crave, from competition and cooperation, to spirited teamwork and social recognition. Since these activities can be tailored to fit your specific needs and goals, our “menu” of challenges isn’t really a menu at all — the possibilities are endless for every single member.


White-glove service

We don’t serve thousands clients that we hardly remember the names of. Instead, we provide white-glove service with proactive and consultative account management, as well as top-notch member support, making each client feel like a big fish in a small sea! Total Client Happiness (TCH) has always been our highest priority. To put things into perspective, our Customer Success team is the largest team in the company, whereas most vendors are heavily loaded in sales and marketing.

So, what does TCH mean to us? For our individual members, it’s quick, thorough service and a seamless, enjoyable user experience. We also have a zero-bug policy — rather than pushing hundreds of software bugs to the side, our quality assurance (QA) and development teams are committed to maintaining our 98% satisfaction rating when it comes to support tickets. Translation? We resolve them before they get a chance to negatively impact our programs. For employers, TCH means meticulous attention to detail, proactive consultation, and unyielding strategic support. Our job is to energize their programs and maximize engagement for years on end. The only way to do that is with top-notch service that’s delivered by creative, nurturing problem-solvers.



Who isn’t going to say they’re innovative? But again, it’s not just that we innovate — it’s how we do it. In the wellbeing industry, “innovation” sometimes means partnering with a bunch of other vendors to ensure can check every wellness box and move on. Not us! We remain laser-focused on building a program that people love and actually use on a regular basis.

Markets change, demographics change, and expectations and stimuli change. The wellness world is in a constant state of flux, and we know how important it is to quickly adapt to this ever-moving target. We listen to our clients and members, nimbly pivoting to keep the program fresh, energized, and utilitarian (where it needs to be). The moment we release a new feature or update, we’re looking at how we can make it obsolete with something newer, better, more effective, and easier to use as client needs evolve. We consider ourselves a rapid-response team, upholding the zero-bug policy that our in-house development team prioritizes every single day.


Infinite customization and segmentation

With a focus on consistency and momentum, Sonic Boom is flexible and can be tailored to meet anyone’s specific needs. With that, our programs aim to be relevant and personally significant for every member, regardless of risk factors, demographics, interests, and perceived abilities. Our programs and communications can match the culture of any client; just because our vibe is fun and energetic doesn’t mean our clients have to be! We can shift our tone to match whatever is desired, which includes our unique health challenges, communications, and incentives. Our tailored reporting can also accommodate infinite segments to bring targeted results to client admins based on whatever filters are key to them.

Want to run one program for full-time employees and another for dependents, domestic partners, and spouses? Want to host different campaigns for various office locations? With Sonic Boom, you have total control to run the program exactly how you choose — with plenty of support from our account managers to make it easy and automated.


Relentless passion

We remain wholly dedicated to and driven by the original company mission, which is to provide excellent wellness programs that people love and want to take part in. We listen to our clients’ needs, make smart decisions quickly, and constantly work to improve upon a robust wellbeing program that exceeds our client-partners’ expectations.

At first, we didn’t consider passion to be a differentiator because who isn’t going to describe themselves as passionate about what they do? But what we’ve found is that our unrelenting passion for improving people’s lives is what drives every other differentiator and strong suit we’ve got. From program design to service and support, the extreme passion that birthed the company in 2007 continues to run deeply and freely at Sonic Boom. We’re happy that our parent company, Premise Health, shares our same passion and drive to provide exceptional service to our members and clients.