Our Differentiators

We could easily spout off 20-30 things that we think we do really well (who couldn’t?), but that wouldn’t really tell you what makes us unique compared to the many other wellness options out there. So we consulted with our clients and various industry experts about what makes Sonic Boom Wellness, a Premise Health company, stand out above the crowd, and here’s what they consistently came back with as our key differentiators…


Engagement (massive and sustained)

We know, we know – EVERYONE says they’re engaging. The term is so wildly overused that we couldn’t possibly consider it a unique differentiator. But we’re constantly told that it is. Why? Because we’re not just a health assessment with a small menu of challenges tied to it. And we don’t limit our holistic robustness to the “X pillars of health.” Our pillars are limitless because we focus on all aspects of wellbeing, and because our platform is fully customizable and personally relevant – with thought-provoking content and a variety of interesting gaming mechanics that appeal in one way or another to every single employee (and their families).

Our platform is more socially stimulating – focused on visible daily improvements to health and lifestyle habits – at work AND at home. So yeah, we guess that makes our brand of engagement a bit different than the rest.


White-glove service (Total Client Happiness™)

We knew our account-management and member-support services were good, but we didn’t think they were a differentiator until the nation’s leading brokers and consultants told us more about industry norms. We don’t serve 2,000+ clients that we can barely remember the names of. We partner with every single one of our clients and have made Total Client Happiness (TCH) our highest priority since the day we opened our doors in 2007. And, in fact, more than half of our total staff operates within the “Customer Success” department (home to our Client-Happiness and Member-Happiness Teams), whereas most vendors are more-heavily loaded in Sales and Marketing.

So, what does TCH mean to us?

For our individual members, TCH means quick-and-thorough service with a smile (emoticons encouraged). And with first-response times more than four times faster than industry average, and a 98% satisfaction rating on support tickets, we can confidently say our members enjoy TCH on a daily basis.

For our employer clients, TCH means meticulous attention to detail, proactive consultation, and unyielding strategic support. ”Maintaining” your wellness program isn’t nearly good enough – we pride ourselves on delivering anticipatory, consultative service to minimize your burden in employing a robust wellbeing strategy. Your job is already complex, and you’re already plenty busy. Our job is to energize the program and maximize engagement for years on end, and the only way to do that is with top-notch, white-glove service that’s delivered by creative, nurturing problem-solvers.


Innovation (obsessive pioneering and nimbleness)

Again, we didn’t originally consider this a differentiator because we’re in an industry full of software companies – who ISN’T going to say they’re innovative? But again – it’s not just that we innovate – it’s how we innovate. In wellness, “innovation” now seems to mean partnering with a bunch of other vendors so it looks like you can offer everything for everyone (all while losing focus on your own core competencies). Not us. We remain laser-focused on building a program that people love – and actually use – on a regular basis.

Markets change – demographics change – expectations and stimuli change. The wellness world is in a constant state of flux, and we know how important it is to quickly adapt to this ever-moving target. We listen to our clients and our members, nimbly innovating to keep the program fresh, energized, and utilitarian (where it needs to be). The moment we release a new feature (or even a full new platform), we’re looking at how we can make it obsolete with something newer, better, more effective, and easier-to-use – especially as our clients’ needs evolve. That’s just who we are as entrepreneurs.


Social connection (with the most interesting gaming mechanics)

Yep – walking challenges are all the buzz (we’ve deployed thousands over the last decade). But not everyone wants to compete. And even for those who do want to compete, the typical “Most X Wins” contest (hello, 2011) gets boring after the second try. That’s why we’ve applied bountiful behavior-change and game-theory research to dozens of clever, highly stimulating challenge categories – with a steady stream of new, interesting gaming mechanics to grasp (and hold) people’s attention.

Our innovative health challenges result in healthier habits and the social contagion that employers crave – from competition to cooperation, and from spirited teamwork to social recognition. And since these activities are 100% customizable, our “menu” of challenges isn’t really a menu at all – the creative, personalized possibilities are endless for every single member.


Infinite customization and segmentation

With a focus on consistency and momentum (the cornerstones of habit formation), Sonic Boom is infinitely flexible and customizable – making it more relevant and personally significant for every member, regardless of risk factors, interests, and perceived abilities. We offer fully custom challenges (not just a limited menu of mildly configurable ones), communications, incentives, and reporting to unlimited population segments. Want to run one program for full-time employees and another for dependents, domestic partners, and spouses? Want to run different campaigns for different locations? With Sonic Boom, you have never-before-seen control to run the program exactly how you choose (with plenty of support from our account managers to make it easy and automated).


Relentless passion

We remain wholly dedicated to and driven by the original company mission, which is to provide excellent wellness programs that people love and want to take part in. We listen to our clients’ needs, make smart decisions quickly, and constantly work to improve upon a robust wellbeing program that exceeds our client-partners’ expectations.

At first, we didn’t consider passion to be a differentiator because who isn’t going to describe themselves as passionate about what they do? But what we’ve found is that our unrelenting passion for improving people’s lives is what drives every other differentiator and strong suit we’ve got. From program design to service and support, the extreme passion that birthed the company in 2007 continues to run deeply and freely at Sonic Boom. We’re happy that our parent company, Premise Health, shares our same passion and drive to provide exceptional service to our members and clients.